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The Japanese Have Built A Bluetooth-Enabled Toilet Because Of Course They Have


Yep, the Japanese have another weird toilet for happy poopy-time. With Bluetooth.

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WANT: Bluetooth Gloves Allow You To Talk On Your Phone With Your Hands

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Bluetooth gloves? Who wouldn't want to own a pair? Technology is wonderful!


Scientists Give Blind People The (Electronic) Finger


Wouldn't it be great if visually impaired people (that is to say, people who are blind as a bat) could easily get all the information that's right around them on smartphones or tacked to the wall in the form of badly copied concert flyers.



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<a href="" target="_blank">One Missed Call</a> (watch the trailer at Yahoo) is an American remake of Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike's 2003 movie Chakushin ari, starring Ed Burns and some other people whose names aren't worth memorizing.

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