Here's A 'Breaking Bad' Board Game For You To Play To Hold You Over Until Sunday


Jeff over at Pleated Jeans created this hilarious game. He describes his masterpiece as "what the classic game of Clue would look like Breaking Bad style."

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Ten Board and Card Games That Are Likely Already Becoming Movies


"Battleship" is going to get sunk this weekend by "The Avengers", but it doesn't matter: it's already a hit. It cost $209 million and it'll probably make $400 million across the world when all is said and done, meaning that the studio will break even on the movie.


New Battleship trailer reveals aliens, red pegs


There's a new Battleship trailer on the web, and once again Universal has failed to incorporate commenter Stallonewolf's near-perfect tagline "Let the bodies hit D-4.

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Star Trek to Boldly Explore the German Board Game Universe

So, it looks like somebody out there can read my dreams.


This Ryan Gosling ‘Drive’ Game Really Has Heart (Now With Video)


UPDATE: Video of the game in use now available after the jump.


‘Community’s’ Remedial Chaos Theory Gets Its Own Fake Board Game

To make my love for Community's "Remedial Chaos Theory" any more apparent I'd have to get a Norwegian Troll tattoo someplace uncomfortable so you won't find it at all surprising that I WANT a real life version of "The Game of Chaos" illustration by Yehudi Mercado of Super Mercado.


Cats Who Want To Participate (And Links)

Meme Watch: Aaron Rodgers Photobombing Throughout History |With Leather| The Best Of Ellen Muthaf*ckin’ Barkin’s Muthf*ckin’ Tweets So Muthaf*ckin’ Far |UPROXX| Police Academy Guy Michael Winslow Performs Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ With His Mouth |UPROXX| Oscar Watch: "Gang Of Roses 2" Featuring Amber Rose, Rocsi & More Grade-A Thespians |Smoking Section| My Husband Is Cousins With Marky Mark, And I’m Only A Little Retarded |With Leather| What if we replaced the star-studded cast of New Year’s Eve with Terrence Howard in different hats.


Shocker: Universal Drops Ouija Board Movie


Battleship (with its rumored $200 million budget) doesn't open for almost another year (May 2012), and already the other BOARD GAME ADAPTATIONS (I still can't f*cking believe I'm typing that phrase) are dropping like flies.


$200 Million Turd: ‘Battleship’ opens with Brooklyn Decker’s boobs, goes downhill from there


After the jump, it's the first trailer for Universal's Battleship, which is loosely based on the board game and reportedly cost $200 million to make.

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The Walking Dead Board Game Wants You To Eat Your Friends

While everyone patiently awaits the remaining months until AMC's Fall return of The Walking Dead series, the fine folks over at Cryptozoic Entertainment would like to try and make your wait a little more tolerable.

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Don’t Worry, Ouija Has A New Writer


*puts finger tips on Ouija Board planchette* Oh spirits of the deep, dark void.


Look At These Dogs (and Links)

140 Characters Of Ego: March Edition [Uproxx] Look At This Dog [UproxxNews] Do Gorillas Get Good Wireless Reception In The Mist.


McG to Direct ‘Oujia Board 3D’


In the build-up to Terminator Salvation, McG was saying all the right things (actual quote: "It's going to knock your f*ckin balls up your ass").


Britain Scrabble Champ Is… Unique


Two weeks ago, nerds from across Great Britain gathered to compete for the national Scrabble championship, a title so monumental that women don’t even bother wearing panties around the champions lest they soak them instantly.


An Erotic Vibrator Chess Set? An Erotic Vibrator Chess Set.


Look, I'm not disputing the innate sexual allure that accompanies most tabletop board-based games, but what I am doing is raising awareness over which playing pieces most appropriately accent the orifices of the human body.

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Here’s That Monsterpocalypse Update Nobody Clamored For

Back in 2008 when it was still safe to eat shrimp and my retirement savings started to tank (meaning my cat puked on my beanie baby collection thus halving the value of it), Vince said movies based on video games were the new hotness.


’70s Board Game Predicted BP Incompetence

The '70s were a strange and disturbing time in human history, rife with bad clothing decisions, bad music decisions, and sad attempts to make money off of board games.

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Monsterpocalypse Now

All the way back in 2008 when I was just a naive but dashing starfighter pilot and dinosaurs roamed the earth, Vince reported that board games were the next hot commodity for film deals.

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