Sean Price

Boaz Ft. Sean Price & Illa Ghee – “Psycho Killa” (Prod. !llmind)

Sean Price is a hard act to follow, but Pittsburgh emcee Boaz is up to the task on his latest release "Psycho Killa.

The Transition

Boaz Feat. Mac Miller – “Around The World” Video

Boaz's Transition to becoming a permanent fixture on your radar continues as he grabs his neighborhood chum, Mac Milly, for a little globetrotting on wax.

The Transition

Boaz – “Black Ice” Video

If someone was to proclaim Pittsburgh as the mean streets, don't think they're being facetious.

We Got Now

Boaz – The Transition


There's a fine line between transformations and transitions, one that Boaz has keyed in on to become the focal point of his career in 2011.

Selling A Dream Mixtape

Boaz – “I Wont Stop” Video

We haven’t always been kind to Boaz around these parts but that hasn’t stopped him one bit from continuing on his grind until he makes it where he’s trying to go.

Selling A Dream Mixtape

Boaz – “Enemies” Video


Betcha you never seen a gangsta draw heat in a pea coat.

We Got Now

Boaz – “What You Know About”

Undeterred by haters, Pittsburgh’s Boaz is back in 2010 with mixtape Selling A Dream.

The Audio Biography

“Steel City” – Review Of Boaz’s The Audio Biography


Every rapper from any mid-sized town in America hopes to be the driving force behind putting their city on the Hip-Hop map, and Boaz is no different.

#Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa – Star Power Mixtape


In a week that feels like mixtapes are falling from the sky, here's a new one from Pistolvania's very own Wiz Khalifa.

Young Jeezy

In This Crazy World…


Its a sign o' the times when three rappers with no affiliation to one another conjure up the same feelings about these United States with tracks titled "Crazy World.


Boaz – “Art Of Storytelling” Freestyle 2008


The newjack from Pistolvania giving you more reasons to check for him.

The Audiobiography

Boaz – Gettin’ Mine


If you happened to pick up The Source or XXL this year, then perhaps you noticed articles on Boaz Gov.

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