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‘Mad Men’ Discussion: ‘The Strategy’ Was The Most Beautiful Episode Of TV’s Most Beautiful Drama

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Breaking down 'The Strategy,' one of the best, most heartfelt episodes in the 'Mad Men's' run.

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Dammit, ‘Mad Men,’ Bring Back Bob Benson

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We don't ask for much, but this is important.


Matthew Weiner Explains AMC's Useless 'Mad Men' Previews, Plus One Last Bob Benson Theory

By | 35 Comments

We know who Bob Benson on 'Mad Men' is now, but there's still the question of WHY?

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10 Great TV Characters That Were Introduced Late In A Show's Run

By | 141 Comments

Bob Benson is the only the latest in a long line of great TV show additions late in their run.

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‘Mad Men’ Discussion: The Bob Benson Mystery Revealed

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We finally get to the bottom of the Bob Benson mystery on 'Mad Men,' and it's both predictable and fantastic.

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James Wolk, A.K.A., Bob Benson, Reveals His Favorite Bob Benson Theory

By | 19 Comments

Bob Benson discusses his 'Mad Men' character, and his favorite conspiracy theory.

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OK, Seriously, Who The F*ck Is Bob Benson?

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Let's put it to a poll and a discussion on a slow Friday afternoon, shall we?

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