first pitch

Bob Costas Is Still Hung Up On 50 Cent And That Embarrassing First Pitch

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Remember when Bob Costas asked for a redo on a first pitch?

Sochi Olympics

Bob Costas’s Son Knows Why His Eyeballs Are So Gross And It Involves Ken Rosenthal

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Bob Costas's son Keith blamed Ken Rosenthal's height for the reason that his dad's eyes are terrifying children around the world.


‘Conan’ Reveals The Horrifying Truth Behind Matt Lauer Replacing Bob Costas At The Sochi Olympics

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The horrifying truth behind Bob Costas' eyes is revealed in this 'Conan' exclusive.


A Collection Of Everything Bob Costas’ Infected Eyes Reminds The Internet Of

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What's wrong with Bob Costas' eye? Who cares? Here's everything it looks like.

Sochi Winter Olympics

Bob Costas’ Eyes Are The Latest Casualty Of The Sochi Winter Olympics

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Is Bob Costas battling pink eye? Or is he battling a mean case of the munchies?

Sochi Olympics

Here’s The Bob Costas Saying ‘Pussy Riot’ Repeatedly Video That Will Make Your Mom Leave The Room

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Bob Costas brought up 'Pussy Riot' last night during the 2014 Winter Olympics coverage. The Internet responded accordingly.


With Leather’s Watch This: The Mets And Cubs Are Partly To Blame For Society’s Downfall

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I think Bob Costas is just trying to be cute and sarcastic in this clip from Sunday’s U.S. Open Championship coverage, when he took a break to recap the bottom dweller classic between the New York Mets and the Chicago Cubs.


Wilt Chamberlain Said He Could’ve Averaged 70 Points A Game In The 1997 NBA

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By most accounts, Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell were the first two iconic NBA players whose sphere of influence registered far away from the hardwood.


NBA Players Read “Mean Tweets” About Themselves On The Jimmy Kimmel Show

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Believe it or not, there are people out there whose sole purpose in life is to type the most disrespectful remarks in 140 characters or less to celebrities on Twitter.

#Jay Z

From Jay Z To Bob Costas, It Seems Like Rap Has Found A Home In Baseball

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Now I don’t know much about the music that you crazy kids are listening to today, but I’m told by the barista at my Starbucks that Jay Z is a hippity hop rap maker, and he’s quite successful.


Bob Costas Recites Ludacris Lyrics on MLB Network


MLB Network broadcaster Bob Costas discusses the time Ludacris name-dropped him in a song, and recites the verse.


Fox News Launches New War On Bob Costas

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Thanks a lot Fox News for actually making me sympathize with Bob Costas, for once.


If Bob Costas Hadn’t Had Taiwan Animation, He’d Still Be Alive Today (Or Something)


Here's the NMA World Edition (Taiwan Animation) take on Bob Costas and his speech about Jovan Belcher and gun control.


Guhhhhhh This Is Painful to Watch

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Bob Costas landed a phone interview with former Penn State coordinator and alleged child rapist Jerry Sandusky that aired on last night's "Rock Center," and all I can say is WOW Sandusky should NOT be giving interviews.


NBC Wins Rights to 2014, 2016 Olympics

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Fox and ESPN both submitted bids for the 2014 and 2016 Olympics that would have guaranteed live broadcasts of Olympic events regardless of the time zone in which they occur.



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Lots of people have terrible things to say about NBC's coverage of the Olympics, but in the midst of all the ineptitude, there has been one silver lining, and that's the reunion of Bob Costas and Al Michaels.

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