ESPN Guest Describes Jerry Jones And Chris Christie’s Relationship As ‘Latent Homosexual’ In One Weird Interview

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Kinky Friedman calls Jerry Jones and Gov. Chris Christie a gay couple on ESPN's Outside The Lines.


Naturally, Someone Believes That Joe Paterno Might Have Faked His Death

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In today’s ADD social media news feed climate, even the biggest stories of the year can come and go in a matter of days.

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Bob Ley Has 99 Problems and Steroids are 98 of Them


In an attempt to recapture the hot fire of the Greg Gumbel/KRS-One beef from the late 80s, Outside The Lines' Bob Ley has dropped a mix tape featuring a diss on DeShawn Stevenson, claiming the Dallas Mavericks guard should show him the same respect he might show his own mother.

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