Feast Your Eyes On The First Official Poster For AMC’s ‘Better Call Saul’

By | 3 Comments

AMC has released new key art for their highly buzzed about Breaking Bad spin-off series Better Call Saul.


‘Better Call Saul’ Might Upend What You Think You Know About ‘Breaking Bad’

By | 12 Comments

'Better Call Saul' may force us to reinterpret scenes from 'Breaking Bad.'


This Bizarre ‘Better Call Saul’ Music Video Is Our First Extended Look At AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Spinoff

By | 6 Comments

"Better Call Saul" premieres on AMC in February. Until then, here's a weird music video.


Here’s Your Latest Ten Second Glimpse At ‘Better Call Saul’


AMC is seemingly hellbent on releasing the slightest glimpse at 'Better Call Saul' every Sunday night.

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Brilliant Writers And Actors You May Not Realize Spent Time In The ‘SNL’ Writers’ Room

By | 11 Comments

Ten recognizable names from the entertainment world who began their careers in the 'SNL' writers room.


Bob Odenkirk Wrote ‘Down By The River’? 5 Writers People Don’t Realize Were Behind Iconic ‘SNL’ Sketches.

By | 19 Comments

You might be surprised what familiar names brought you some of the most iconic SNL sketches of all time.


This ‘Better Call Saul’ Prop Billboard In Albuquerque Subtlely Suggests Saul’s First Lawyer Gimmick

By | 15 Comments

The first 'Better Call Saul' prop billboard has popped up in Albuquerque and it's REAL and AMAZING.


We Finally Have Actual Plot Details For ‘Better Call Saul’

By | 17 Comments

"Better Call Saul" has an actual plot and no-fooling characters.


‘Mistake’ Or Not, ‘Better Call Saul’ Is Already Getting A Second Season From AMC

By | 23 Comments

AMC announced today that 'Better Call Saul' is already getting a second season order for 13 more episodes.


This Interviewer Has No Clue He’s Talking To Bob Odenkirk About ‘Fargo’

By | 13 Comments

Gil Tucker is on the spot to investigate the set for 'Fargo,' but has no idea he's interviewing one of the principal actors.


‘Better Call Saul’ Production Is A Week Behind, Vince Gilligan Worries ‘It May Have Been A Mistake’

By | 20 Comments

An update on the latest in casting and production on the 'Breaking Bad' spin-off, 'Better Call Saul.'


Watch The First Seven Minutes Of The Highly Anticipated FX Series, ‘Fargo’

By | 6 Comments

FX is giving us a seven minute tease of their upcoming re-imagining of the hit film 'Fargo.' It looks good, don'cha know.


Did You Know That Bob Odenkirk’s Wife Represents Everybody From Kristen Wiig To Bill Hader?

By | 3 Comments

Bob Odenkirk is not only one of the biggest names in comedy, but his wife, Naomi, represents many of those other big names in comedy.


Let’s Watch These New ‘Fargo’ Trailers From FX And Try To Figure Out What The Hell Is Going On

By | 18 Comments

FX has released ten teaser-trailers. Let's take a look at them all and see if we can figure out what's going on.


Will ‘Breaking Bad’ Spin Off ‘Better Call Saul’ Be A Sequel And A Prequel?

By | 9 Comments

Contrary to previous thought, 'Breaking Bad' spin off 'Better Call Saul' could be both a sequel and prequel to the beloved series according to Bob Odenkirk.

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