Step Brothers (Mixtape)

Starlito & Don Trip – Step Brothers Mixtape

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What I'll likely most remember Hip-Hop's summer of 2011 by is the sudden explosion of group projects.

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle: Drake’s “9AM In Dallas”

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Drake's obviously a proven rapper, although we get more of what Estelle called <a href="">the "emo singer"</a> these days.

#Kanye West

First Listen: Big Sean’s Finally Famous The Album

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An arduous grind, numerous mixtape releases, <a href="">a BET cypher</a> and G.

The Statement

Skeme – The Statement Mixtape

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<a href=""> The Los Angeles life and times of <a href="">Skeme</a> always prove to be well worth tuning in.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj – “Tragedy” (Lil Kim Diss)

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<a href=""> At this point, we deem it necessary to quote the lyrics of <a href="">Nicki's</a> real shots in song dedicated to the artist formerly known as Lil Kim.


Pusha T – “Cook It Down”

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<a href=""> Now when it come to cooking crack, <a href="">Pusha T</a> is a gas stove, still standing over the pot until it bubbles and broils with white money.

Yo Gotti

Maybach Music Group Presents Torch – UFO Mixtape

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<a href=""> Say what you will about <a href="">Ricky Rozay</a>, but no one can accuse him of not breaking bread with his knights at his round table.

Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez – Mr. Peterson Mixtape

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<a href=""> Impressed was the first thought that came to mind after hearing Canadian-newcomer <a href="">Tory Lanez'</a> debut single, <a href="">"Say Hello"</a> last week.

Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez – “Say Hello”

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<a href=""> It's one thing to start your craft at an early age, but it's another to be sitting atop of it before you can legally smoke a cigarette. I'm not too familiar with <a href="">Tory Lanez</a> tunes, but based on "Say Hello," the grown-up-sounding lead single from this 17-year-old singer/songwriter/MC from Brampton, Ontario, it's apparent this prodigy with a pen has been doing his thing quite for some time.

Wiz Khalifa

Rick Ross – Ashes To Ashes

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<a href=""> First Rick Ross looked to kill his enemies with <a href="">The Albert Anastasia EP</a>.

Smoke DZA

Smoke DZA – “Ralph Lifshitz”

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<a href=""> Looking at the title on first glance, my first thought told me <a href="">Smoke</a> was paying homage to that character from the Rugrats, Dr.

The DeAndre Way

Soulja Boy Tell’Em – “Speakers Going Hammer” Video

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<a href=""> Try as you might, it's really hard to hate on this guy. Yeah, he may be <a href="">in love with a slore</a> and his raps may be monosyllabic, but Soulja Boy entertains us all with his antics.


Lloyd Banks Feat. Eminem – “Where I’m At”

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<a href=""> If you weren't satisfied with "<a href="">Celebrity</a>" - Lloyd Banks<a href="">'</a> previously leaked Hunger For More 2 track featuring <a href="">Slim Shady</a> and Akon - this one should feed your appetite.

Trill O.G.

Bun B Feat. Drake – “Put It Down” Video

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<a href=""> One of <a href="">the illest songs of the year</a> reciprocates the virus with a visual to get the culture live and thriving.


“Behind The Grind” With Producer Boi-1da

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<a href=""> Nigel D.'s <a href="">"Behind The Grind" series</a> unveils a very dope and insightful interview with Boi-1da where the craftsman shares his story on rising to prominence , but not after dealing with his share of sh#tty jobs and doubts along the way.


So About This UGK And Drake Track…

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The first time I listen to anything from <a href="">Pimp Chad's</a> The Naked Soul Of Sweet Jones will be when the entire album is made available.

Trill O.G.

Bun B Feat. Drake – “Put It Down”

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<a href=""> No surprises in seeing this collab here. The "Uptown" boys put it down on So Far Gone and since then, have been the best of chums. One would expect Bun to bring the trill but <a href="">Drizzy</a> sends some shots in some of you (ahem) "haters" direction without any sugar coating: "Overboard nigga/I'm quoted more nigga/results are in/I guess you should have voted for nigga.

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