Boise State Is Tearing Down Buildings To Build A Quidditch Field

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The 2013 Quidditch World Cup, or whatever it’s called, is taking place this weekend in Kissimmee, Florida, which is like the Taedong to Orlando’s Pyongyang, and yes, to answer the question that I know you’re all asking, I think Kate Upton is being rude by not responding to Spike Albrecht’s Tweet.


BSU Not No. 1 Despite Awesome Dog

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When the University of Florida and Ohio State (sorry Punte) sucked ballhole on Saturday, college football pundits predicted that the BCS rankings would debut with Boise State atop the rankings.

Virginia Tech

Nike Zoom Huarache Trainer Rivalry Pack

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If this is what Nike's putting together for some of college football's top programs, just think what's going to drop later this year once hoops get underway.


The Oregon/Boise State Punch

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In case you missed it when Oregon RB LaGarrette Blount walked over to Boise State DL Byron Hout and punched him in the face, here you go.

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