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The Gaslight Anthem's Cover Of Bon Iver's 'Skinny Love' Is Haunting

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It'll be released as an Record Store Day rarity, but you can hear it online now.

A Winner Has Been Chosen In The ‘Design A Tattoo For Bon Iver’ Contest


Because I'm sure you're all dying to know who won <a href="">the Bon Iver Design a Northern Exposure Tattoo Contest, right?</a> Well, it was <a href="">this guy</a> -- and his winning design is embedded above.

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Bon Iver's Justin Vernon Will Pay You To Design A 'Northern Exposure' Tattoo For Him

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Bon Iver's Justin Vernon loved "Northern Exposure," so naturally he wants a tattoo to commemorate his adoration for it.

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Twerking To Indie Music Is Your Go-To Source For Ass-Shaking Fleet Foxes Videos

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Tumblr blog "Twerking to Indie Music" finds booty-shaking videos on YouTube and pairs them with indie songs by Radiohead and Fleet Foxes.

New Bon Iver-Designed Shoe Sure To Be Huge In Brooklyn During The Fall Season

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Not to be outdone by Kanye West and <a href="">his Air Yeezy sneaks</a>, Justin Vernon, aka Bon Iver -- is <a href="">coming out with his own shoe</a>.

Kanye West

Kanye's 'Lost In The World' — Which Features Bon Iver — Finally Gets A Video


It's been two years since Kanye West's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" came out, so I've no idea why a video for "Lost in the World" -- which features Bon Iver -- <a href="">is just coming out</a>.

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Jazz Fest 2012 Weekend One: A Recap

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On Friday afternoon I slammed my laptop shut right at 4 central time and booked it to the Fairgrounds to catch Bon Iver and The Beach Boys on the opening day of Jazz Fest 2012.

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The Video For Bon Iver's 'Towers' May Compel You To Move To The Woods


WARNING: Watching <a href="">this video</a> -- which features an older, pickup truck-driving fisherman living in a wooded area near a body of water -- may make you yearn for a rural existence, as it did me, admittedly.


Saturday Night Live Was Actually . . . Good?

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For the first time since she left the show as a regular cast member Maya Rudolph returned to host Saturday Night Live this weekend.


Bon Iver Stripped Down (Instrumentally) At AIR Studios

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It seems only fitting that we kick off the week asking <a href="" target="_blank">"Who the f*ck is Bonnie Bear?"</a> and close things out with a twenty-five minute session that Cajun Boy tipped me off to (he just can't quit us.


Morning Links Will Make You Bust A Nut

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Oh, sorry, the Kate Upton Sports Illustrated cover story is AFTER the Morning Links, this is a guy literally busting nuts.


Inevitable ‘Who The F*ck Is Bon Iver?’ Reactions Vastly Improved By The Rise Of ‘Bonnie Bear’ & ‘Bony Bear’

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<a href="" target="_blank">Hours prior to the Grammys broadcast last night</a> I made mention of the potential "Who the f*ck is Bon Iver.

2012 grammy award nominations

Grammy Nominee Lyrics Get Infographic’d

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Our <a href="" target="_blank">friends at Vulture</a> whipped up a bunch of fun infographics related to Grammy nominated artists as a reminder that the Grammys are this weekend, and to poke fun at some nonsensical lyrics.


Bon Iver Needed 2 Microphones On SNL

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If you watched Bon Iver's performance on the Channing Dude-Bro Tatum-hosted SNL last night, you saw that Justin Vernon sang into not one, but two microphones.

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Bon Iver: We Told The Grammys To F-Off

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As you may have noticed, we've been quite entertained by the whole Bon Iver/Grammys saga, what with Justin Vernon, aka Bon Iver, being on record as <a href="">loathing the awards </a>show while CBS continues to relentlessly promote it with Bon Iver <a href="">music</a> and <a href="">imagery</a>, despite the fact that Vernon and his band are not performing on the show.

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CBS Still Hilariously Using The Grammy-Hating Bon Iver To Promote The Grammys


As <a href="">we've noted previously</a>, Justin Vernon, aka Bon Iver, loathes the Grammy Awards with the intensity of a million white-hot suns.


I Was Once An Adventurer Like You, Then I Met This Lady (And Morning Links)

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via <a href=""></a> - Follow us on Twitter <a href="!/withleather">@withleather</a> - Follow me personally <a href="!/mrbrandonstroud">@MrBrandonStroud</a> and Burnsy <a href="!/mayorburnsy">@MayorBurnsy</a> - <a href="">Like us on Facebook</a>.

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Bon Jovi + Bon Iver = Bon Joviver

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Here is the New York City band Miracles Of Modern Science performing as "Bon Joviver" covering Bon Jovi's “You Give Love a Bad Name" in the way you'd fully expect Bon Iver to do it.

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