miracles of modern science

Bon Jovi + Bon Iver = Bon Joviver


Here is the New York City band Miracles Of Modern Science performing as "Bon Joviver" covering Bon Jovi's “You Give Love a Bad Name" in the way you'd fully expect Bon Iver to do it.

the grammys

Grammy-Hating Bon Iver Is On The Grammy Poster Even Though Bon Iver Won’t Be Performing At The Grammys

Okay, I have two guesses as to why this exists: 1) The Grammys are hoping to lure in the younger, indie music crowd that typically shuns it, or 2) it's trolling Justin Vernon, aka Bon Iver, really, really hard.

workout videos

At Long Last, The Bon Iver Workout Video Is Here

At some point surely you've looked at Bon Iver/Justin Vernon on stage and wondered, "How does he get that body.

the grammys

It Might Be A Little Awkward If Bon Iver Winds Up Winning A Grammy

Fresh off Bon Iver being nominated for four Grammy Awards, the New York Times published a series of unused quotes from an interview with Justin Vernon that ran earlier in the year in which the bearded hipster crooner from Wisconsin trashes the Grammys.

the grammys

Kanye, Bon Iver Lead 2012 Grammy Nominations (Yawn)


Question: Is there anything more irrelevant than the Grammys have become.

selling out

Bon Iver Joins Forces With Bushmills To Sell Booze


If someone would have asked me as recently as yesterday, "Who's the one musician out there right now you couldn't fathom taking part in a major advertising campaign.


Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon On VMAs: MTV ‘F*cked The Dog’


Justin Vernon, the bearded, flannel-wearing hipster's bearded flannel-wearing hipster we all know and love as the musical juggernaut Bon Iver, is on the record as not being a big fan of MTV, so it probably shouldn't come as any surprise that he didn't care much for last night's VMAs.

#music videos

Bon Iver’s Video For ‘Holocene’ Is Almost As Beautiful As The Song

The board of tourism for the nation of Iceland would be well served to use Bon Iver's Holocene video (YouTube version here) as its official tourism video, because the scenery in this is absolutely breathtaking.

#music videos

Happy Bon Iver Release Day, Y’all


I'll admit, I'm a late-comer to the Bon Iver bandwagon.

#Jay Z

Better Late Than Never: Kanye West Releases Official “Monster” Video


Kanye's "Monster" video was released several months ago, then pulled after 'Ye blamed MTV and the man for not accepting its greatness.


3.24 The Cooler


Khrysti Hill Jimmer Fredette Is The Next Billy Hoyle [ETSF] Chris Brown’s Circle of Celebrity Friends Hold Him Down Post Cunty Episode [C&D] Justin Vernon Says New Bon Iver Album Due Out In June [Prefix] Twitter Beef Round Dos.

#Jay Z

Kanye, Jay-Z & Nicki Minaj Are MONSTERS


Just when you thought you Kanye was on some BS with G.O.O.D. Friday, he terrorizes the blogosphere like a horror flick with this joint right here.

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