Loosies: Kid Ink Parties, Jennifer Hudson Scolds Rick Ross & Boog Brown Remembers The “D”


After an extensive mixtape grind in just a short period, Kid Ink is looking at his Rolley and figuring it's that time to drop an official album.

Son of SAMO

Loosies: Chevy Woods Gets “Amnesia,” Georgia Muldrow Remixes And What’s A “Steezy Wonder?”


If you woke up two cities a day, you'd probably forget a few things your damn self.

The Beverly EP

Gotta Be Karim Feat. Boog Brown – “Do For Self”

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<a href=""> What about your friends? Will they be---O.K. I think you get the point. When the going gets tough, our humanly instincts instruct us with strict commands in our muscles and joints to look out for numero uno. Who else but YOU can know what you need to do exactly the moment it needs to be done. In other words, no one is born with marionette strings attached to their skin. The lyrical bruiser known as Gotta Be Karim knows good and well if you "Do For Self," results come much quicker without a surprise botched in the final plans. Linking up with his ace producer, Illastrate, the two recreate their <a href="">year-end respected magic</a> to keep The Beverly EP in forward motion.


What Can Boog Brown Do For You?

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Round about the time I was a hipster-wipster slam poet, there was this open mic night that brought out a smattering of locals every Sunday, and the best among us was yet another elle-cee.

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