Seth Green Denies Eating A Booger On ‘Conan,’ But We All Know He Totally Ate That Booger

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Seth Green returns to Conan to deny the time he ate a booger on the show. Decide for yourself where the truth lies!


LSU’s Zach Mettenberger Picked His Nose And You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

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LSU QB Zach Mettenberger was caught picking his nose on TV at the Outback Bowl yesterday, and he took it to the next level.


Science: Eating Boogers May Be Good For You

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A Canadian science professor says eating boogers may actually benefit your health. Great work, science.


The World's Most Confident Nose Picker


A man shamelessly picks his nose directly behind the TNT broadcasters during a Knicks-Blazers game, then gives the camera a confident wink.


Children Used As Napkins (And Tuesday Morning Links)

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Yes, that's Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas picking his nose and wiping it on a child's face.


That’s A Dirty Move, Sanchez

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While the world picked between the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets in yesterday’s AFC Championship game, Mark Sanchez picked his nose and wiped it on Mark Brunell.


USF Fan Needs No Concessions Stand

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This weekend’s college football action was pretty uninspiring, but mainly because I barely watched any games, since I was in a drunken stupor on Bourbon Street for roughly 50 or so hours.


Introducing the NBA Booger Cam

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If I were forced to select my favorite player between James Posey and Stephen Jackson, I suppose I would have to go with Posey.

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