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A Shirtless Justin Bieber Was Loudly Booed On Live TV Last Night

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Justin Bieber being booed is my favorite Justin Bieber song.

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Clippers Fans Hate Justin Bieber As Much As Everyone Else Hates Him

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While the Clippers were busy pulling off an amazing Game 4 win, their fans were booing Justin Bieber and his mom on Mother's Day.

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Jimmy Fallon Helped Robinson Cano Get Used To Boos From Yankees Fans The Hard Way

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What happens when angry Yankees fans boo a picture of Robinson Cano, but the real Robinson Cano's standing behind it?


Chicago White Sox Fans Gave Alex Rodriguez A Warm Welcome Back From Injury


Making his return from his latest injury and hot off the news that he's suspended for 211 games, Alex Rodriguez was booed by White Sox fans tonight.


So Long, David Stern, You Evil Supervillain

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I’ve been waiting all morning for this.


Ryan Gosling’s Film Was Booed At Cannes

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By all accounts, Ryan Gosling’s latest film, Only God Forgives, which was directed by Drive’s Nicolas Winding Refn, is extremely violent.


Dwight Howard Left Orlando Again

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I’ll preface this rant/whiny hissy fit by saying that I know that people have complained in the past that I write about the Orlando Magic too much, and a lot of people don’t really give a crap about my favorite NBA team.


People Don’t Seem To Understand Why Fans Are Booing Kris Humphries

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The New Jersey Nets were downright humiliated in their home opener last night, a 106-70 curb stomping at the hands of the Atlanta Hawks.


You Knew This Was Coming, Kris Humphries

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The other day, I pointed out that there was a good possibility that Kris Humphries is just a big, dumb oaf who didn’t quite understand what he got himself into when he “married” Kim Kardashian a few months ago.


NASCAR Fans Booed Michelle Obama

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Down by 3 points to Carl Edwards in the Sprint Cup Series standings, Tony Stewart won the Ford 400 – the final race of the Chase – yesterday to tie Edwards, marking the first time in NASCAR history that the season ended at a draw.


Eli Manning Thinks New York Giants Fans Were Saying Boo-anning

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To blame Eli Manning for the New York Giants’ offensive woes is a bit unfair.

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Knicks Fans Tell Bieber What’s Up

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While the New York Knicks were losing 113-97 to the Dallas Mavericks last night at Madison Square Garden, fans were taking their frustrations out on an unsuspecting pint-sized victim – Justin Bieber.

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