A Couple Decided To Pleasure Themselves During A Performance Of ‘Book Of Mormon’


One audience member at a Seattle performance of 'Book of Mormon' wasn't happy with the folks trying to express their love next to him.

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New Orleans Theater Critic Thinks ‘Book Of Mormon’ Signifies The Death Of American Culture


Theodore P. Mahne sounds more like a Fox News commentator than he does a theater critic in New Orleans, a city famed for debauchery, lewdness, excess, and vice.

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'The Book Of Mormon' Is Touring. Go See 'The Book Of Mormon'


If you're reading this website there's a good chance you're a fan of the comic stylings of South Park -- along with the other works of Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

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Trey Parker And Matt Stone Say They’re Making A ‘Book Of Mormon’ Movie

The Book of Mormon took home nine Tony Awards this year (including best musical) for its three creators: Trey Parker and Matt Stone (South Park) and Robert Lopez (co-writer of Avenue Q).


Trey Parker And Matt Stone Talk Tonys, Trash Spider-Man Musical

South Park dudes Trey Parker And Matt Stone went on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to talk about the amazing nine Tony Awards they won for Book of Mormon (including best musical).

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Trey Parker & Matt Stone’s ‘Book of Mormon’ to become a film?


If you're not a part of the snooty New York theater scene, you might not have been aware that South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone's Book of Mormon musical has been playing to rave reviews and sold out shows on Broadway for about a month now.

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