Doc Rivers Finally Will Be The New Clippers Coach, Pending League Approval

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As long as "basketball reasons" fail to rear their ugly heads, <a href="" target="_blank">Doc Rivers is moving west</a>.


NBA Fast Break: Knicks, Pacers, Grizzlies & Thunder All Win Series 4-2 To Advance In Playoffs

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The glass half full approach says be thankful we're one game away from leaving the longest first round in professional sports behind.


NBA Fast Break: Celtics Stay Alive, Force Game 6

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So the Knicks looked at another closeout game, this time with J.


Boston Celtics Stare Down Knicks, Elimination To Win Game 4

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For two quarters, the Boston Celtics seemed assured a Game 5.


Jeff Green Had Three Vicious Dunks Last Night…All On Chris Andersen

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By the third one, "Birdman" was so wounded he was having trouble just getting out the damn way.


Cute Little Girl Imitates Father’s Sports Rage


Can you really be upset about your team's performance when your daughter's mimicry is this adorable.


And Here’s Why Pat Riley Told Danny Ainge To “Shut The F*ck Up”

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As if the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat didn't hate each another enough, we've got an official "f*ck you" out of the deal now from someone not named Kevin Garnett.


The Miami Heat Are Officially The Harlem Globetrotters. Sorry, Jason Terry.

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Here's poor Jason Terry looking like a fifth grader, going up against the Sweet Georgia Brown offense of the Miami Heat and LeBron James.


LeBron James Finishes Monster Alley-Oop


LeBron James throws down one of the biggest dunks of the year, right on Jason Terry's head.


LeBron James Bangs Home An Alley-Oop On Jason Terry

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The ball goes from Chalmers to Cole to LeBron James obliterating Boston's Jason Terry on the alley-oop during Monday night's Heat-Celtics game.


Kevin Durant Puts Kevin Garnett In The Spin Cycle

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Kevin Garnett will ultimately go down as one of the better defensive players of his generation (offensive, too).


Reminder: Bill Russell Was Awesome

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Here's a clip of Bill Russell jumping over an opponent FROM THE FOUL LINE for a lay-up.


Kevin Garnett: “This Is My Last All-Star Game”

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If Kevin Garnett's words are to be taken at face value, the NBA is about to get a lot less filled with trash talk.


I Guess This Makes Us Like LeBron James Now… Well, Most Of Us

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On Friday night, the Miami Heat laid a 22-point drubbing on the Detroit Pistons, and that’s not news because we expect the Heat to beat a 10th place team by more than 110-88 every single time.


NBA Fast Break: John Wall’s Killer Crossover, Taj Gibson’s Tomahawk & Clippers Keep Climbing

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Given it's still morning and the bosses are more than likely looking over your shoulder waiting for that report you owed them last Thursday, we're going to run through a rather interesting night in the NBA fast break style.


This is SportsCenter: Rajon Rondo


Next time John Anderson shakes hands with Rajon Rondo, he won't be looking down.

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