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Cancer Stricken Clemson Pitcher Clate Schmidt Has Been Drafted By The Boston Red Sox

On the same day Clemson pitcher Clate Schmidt began treatment for cancer he got some pretty awesome news; He was drafted by Boston Red Sox.


A Fan Faces Life-Threatening Injuries After She Was Struck By A Broken Bat At Fenway Park


Woman reportedly facing "life threatening injuries" after being struck with a broken bat during Friday night's Red Sox-Athletics game

switch pitcher

The Most Unique Pitcher In Baseball Has Been Called Up To The Big Leagues


He's a reliever who can pitch with both hands. Baseball is so weird.

Ballpark Food

This Is What It Looks Like When A Foul Ball Destroys Your Plate Of Nachos


Here's what happens when a foul ball finds your plate of nachos.


Seattle Fans Chanted ‘Brady Cheated’ When The Mariners Hosted Boston On Saturday


Seattle fans still aren't over that whole "we lost in the Super Bowl" thing.

Manny being Manny

Manny Ramirez Once Spiked The Red Sox’s Alcohol With Viagra In 2004

This is an all-time 'Manny being Manny' story, told wonderfully by Pedro Martinez.


All Hail Mookie Betts, Destroyer Of Worlds And A Person Who Can Steal Two Bases On One Play


He stole two bases on one play, robbed Bryce Harper of a home run and hit a homer of his own. All in a day's work.


Jay-Z Thought David Wells Was Curt Schilling At The #SNL40 After-Party


Rapper, longtime Yankee fan, and player agent Jay-Z couldn't tell the difference between David Wells and Curt Schilling.


Little Red Sox Fan Is A Smooth Operator, Hands Foul Ball To Girl


Here's the coolest kid you'll see today. He's the smoothest of operators.

#Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey Has Made It Cool To Wear Fanny Packs Again


At yesterday's Boston Red Sox game, Matthew McConaughey bragged about the practicality of his awesome fanny pack.


Are The Yankees The Most Hated Baseball Team In America… Or The Entire World?


A Reddit survey and infographic suggests that not only are the Yankees the most hated baseball team in America, but also the world.


The Sleepy Yankees Fan Defended His $10 Million Lawsuit On The ‘Today’ Show


Andrew Rector described his $10 million lawsuit against MLB and ESPN to Matt Lauer, claiming that his reputation was damaged.


This Sleepy Baseball Fan Is Suing The MLB And ESPN Over Hurt Feelings


A fan is suing ESPN and Major League Baseball for $10 million because John Kruk and Dan Shulman made fun of him for sleeping at a game.


What Better Way To Celebrate A Blowout Loss Than By Proposing To Your Girl?


With the Sox down 14-5 in the bottom of the 9th, a fan salvaged the game by popping the big question to his girlfriend behind home plate.


Watch This Amazing LEGO Master Build Fenway Park With 28,000 Bricks

This time-lapse video reveals LEGO Master Neville Smith building an awesome model of Fenway Park over the span of 450 hours.


The White House Is Not Cool With David Ortiz’s Selfie Being Used By Samsung

After Samsung took credit for the selfie David Ortiz took with President Obama, the White House legal counsel took matters into its own hands.

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