What’s On Tonight (And Tomorrow): New Year’s Eve Countdowns, Football Bowl Games, And TV Marathons

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Spend New Year's Eve with Ryan Seacrest and New Year's Day with college football bowl games and a 'Fargo' marathon.


Here’s All The Cool Swag College Football Players Are Getting During Bowl Season

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Gift cards to Best Buy, headphones, home theaters: Here's what kids are taking home this year from bowl games.

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Let Us Celebrate The Birth Of The Popeyes Bahamas Bowl By Ranking Popeyes’ Side Items

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In case you haven't heard, your new favorite college football bowl game is the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl.


Boise State's QB Took A Lie Detector Test To Prove He Didn't Pee Off A Hotel Balcony

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Boise State QB Joe Southwick took a lie detector test to prove that he didn't pee from a hotel balcony in Hawaii last week.


Washington State Is Enforcing A ‘No Bowl Ticket’ Rule On Angry Fans Who Have Criticized The Program

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Washington State fans that have voiced their opinions over the team's 10-year bowl game absence may have found themselves banned from buying tickets.

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