A ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’ Sequel Is Coming To Netflix And Theaters Are Pissed

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Netflix is adding original feature films to House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black.

Sochi Olympics

Keith Olbermann Obliterates The Sochi Olympics In One Amazing Segment

By | 73 Comments

Keith Olbermann compiles all of the awful moments from the Sochi Olympics so far and unleashes them in one perfect segment.


It’s Official: Iran is Boycotting The Oscars

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Last summer, a con man and former PCP chef calling himself "Sam Bacile" convinced some struggling actors to join his ultra low-budget production of "Desert Warrior," which he filmed on soundstages and later redubbed with anti-Muslim content, re-titling it Innocence of Muslims and putting out a 14-minute trailer to a complete movie that may not even exist.


Porn Company Ben & Cherry’s has some great titles

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We often wonder why porn companies don't name their titles something more interesting than "This Ain't ___ XXX," or "____ A XXX Parody," and today we have the answer.

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