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Lucy Collett Deion Sanders Cited For Spat With Estranged Wife, Pilar [AP] First Criminal Charges Filed In BP Oil Spill [CNN] Danny Glover Speaks on Mass Incarceration and Mumia [Ebony] Now You Can Control Your Television With A Magic Wand [TLF] Prison Gang Whistleblower Sues [...].

BP oil spill

BP does something good, for once

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So as readers of this site may or may not know -- probably not -- I've spent the past couple of years <a href="">writing for Yahoo! News</a>, the last year of which I spent a considerable amount of time writing about last summer's BP oil disaster and its ongoing fallout.

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South Park Spoofs Nike & LeBron, Mocks BP

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As Nike rolls out their <a href="">new Lebron-redemption ad campaign</a>, leave it to Trey Parker and Matt Stone to make a complete mockery of the entire movement and lob a few potshots in the direction of <a href="">Tony Heyward & BP</a>.

Oil Spills

So Where'd All That BP Oil Go, and Who's Eating It?

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You might have wondered what happened to all that oil that pretty much killed the Bubba Gump shrimp company.


Oily Robot Army To The Rescue


MIT's <a href="">Sensable City Lab</a> has built a new solar-powered, autonomous floating robot called a Seaswarm.

Staple Design

The BP Pigeon Tee By Staple


<a href=""> <a href="">Staple</a> spins their pigeon, covering it with oil to highlight BP's screw-up and recognize the life and land lost in the Gulf as a result.


’70s Board Game Predicted BP Incompetence


The '70s were a strange and disturbing time in human history, rife with bad clothing decisions, bad music decisions, and sad attempts to make money off of board games.


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Miz Mari Top 10 Rap Cameos in R&B Songs [The BVX] This Week In F—k You: Radio Shack [Kissing Suzy Kobler] Hate Of The Union: When New York Disses The South [Complex] Jay Electronica Forges His Own Path As 'Hottest Breakthrough MCs Of 2010' [...].

Oil Spill

Kevin Costner solves the oil spill, forgiven for ‘The Postman’

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(You thought I was going to say 'Waterworld', didn't you.

Oil Spill

BP won’t clog spill with James Cameron’s money & lady hair

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In addition to directing movies, James Cameron has also helped develop deep-sea submersible equipment and robot submarines.

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