Dayton's Upset Of Syracuse Ended The Last Remaining Perfect Bracket In The World


A 23-year old man named Brad Binder presumably had the last remaining perfect bracket until the Dayton Flyers upset the Syracuse Orange.


So Just How Many Perfect Brackets Are Left In This NCAA Tournament?


After yesterday's action and upsets, the number of perfect brackets is at five digits, while the number of brackets with 0 correct picks is hilarious.


Obama Has Doomed Michigan State According To This Taiwanese Animation

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The Taiwanese animators have weighed in on Obama's pick of the Michigan State Spartans to win the NCAA Tournament.

NCAA Tournament

Which Team Has Georgia Tech's LRMC Picked To Win The NCAA Tournament?

By | 3 Comments

Georgia Tech's Logistic Regression/Markov Chain basketball computer ranking system has submitted its nerdy NCAA Tournament picks.


Alex Ovechkin's NCAA Tournament Picks Will Certainly Please Virginia Fans

By | 5 Comments

Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin is getting a little better at making his NCAA Tournament picks. Well, at least he's not as sloppy.

March Madness

The Ultimate NCAA Tourney Buzzer Beater Compilation Is Here To Get You Even More Excited For March Madness

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Watch three full minutes of the best buzzer beaters the NCAA Tournament has ever given us.


Obama's NCAA Tournament Picks Are In So Everyone Can Complain About Those, Too

By | 24 Comments

President Obama has once again made his NCAA Tournament picks public so we can see how wrong he'll be this year, too.


Warren Buffett Wants To Give You $1 Billion For A Perfect NCAA Tournament Bracket

By | 7 Comments

Quicken Loans and Warren Buffett are offering $1 billion to anyone who defies the incredible odds and fills out a perfect NCAA Tournament bracket this year.


Is Dr. David L. Dickensheets The Frontrunner In The 2013 Name Of The Year Tournament?

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Can you handle Hurricane Weathers, Yolanda Squatpump, Jackmeoff Mudd, Fancy English, Jr., and Pooky Amsterdam in the 2013 Name of the Year tournament?

#Star Trek

The Worst Trek: The "Winner" Of This Bracket Is…

By | 16 Comments

We've picked the thirty-two absolute worst episodes.

#Star Trek

The Worst Trek: Which Are The Final Two?

By | 32 Comments

In probably the biggest upset of this entire bracket, "Threshold" not only lost against "Profit and Lace", it got spanked.

#Star Trek

The Worst Trek: "Threshold" Vs. "Profit and Lace"

By | 35 Comments

"Justice" put up a hard fight, but despite Fadeproof's noble hunt for the Wesley Derpface, "Justice" got knocked out and "These Are the Voyages.

#Star Trek

The Worst Trek: Enter the Foul Four

By | 18 Comments

It was a narrow fight, but "Profit and Lace" makes it to the Foul Four.

#Star Trek

The Worst Trek: "Sub Rosa" Vs. "Profit and Lace"

By | 19 Comments

RJMcready complained about my ugly bracket graphic, and unknowingly invoked the Ubuntu curse, destroying my root file and making all my images inaccessible until I get my hands on a sledgehammer.

#Star Trek

The Worst Trek: "Spock's Brain" Vs. "These Are The Voyages…"

By | 11 Comments

"Turnabout Intruder" put up a surprisingly strong fight, but ultimately, "Threshold" moves on to the Foul Four.

#Star Trek

The Worst Trek Bracket: "Shat-Her" Vs. "Threshold"

By | 17 Comments

I didn't think "Justice" would make it past the first round, forget the Foul Four, but it beat the crap out of "The Way to Eden" and moves on.

#Star Trek

The Worst Trek: Meet Your Egregious Eight

By | 17 Comments

We're through the second round, and now, now it's all about the Egregious Eight.

#Star Trek

The Worst Trek: Racism Vs. Sheer Fan Hatred

By | 15 Comments

It was surprisingly close, considering how awful "Move Along Home" was, but Crusher's voyage to the planet of the Scottish stereotypes and ghost boning wins out, and "Bev Gets Wax Fever", er, "Sub Rosa" moves on to the Egregious Eight.

#Star Trek

The Worst Trek: “Bev Gets Wax Fever” Vs. DS9 Jumanji

By | 16 Comments

It was close, really close, but ultimately, "Spock's Brain" prevailed over "Let He Who is Without Sin" and moved on to the Egregious Eight.

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