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A Mom Was Kicked Out Of A Concert For Having Her Baby In The Pit

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If you're a recent parent and you want to see a concert, please leave your child with a babysitter and not bring them to the show.


Brad Paisley Grabbed This Fan’s GoPro Camera And Used It To Play A Slide Guitar Solo

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This fan's Brad Paisley concert experience trumps your concert experience.


Brad Paisley Took A Selfie With Westboro Protesters Picketing His Concert

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Brad Paisley played a concert in Bonner Springs, Kansas on Sunday and of course the Westboro Baptist Church came out to protest.


LL Cool J Is Just A Newfangled Django Dodging Invisible White Hoods Or Something

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I don’t remember when or where I saw it, but I remember reading the song title “Accidental Racist,” by Brad Paisley featuring LL Cool J and wondering if country western artists had to deal with fake track lists surfacing on the ‘net the way Hip-Hop acts do.

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