Morning Links: Andre Drummond And Brandon Jennings Alley-Ooped Off The Backboard, Got Called Globetrotters


Detroit Pistons stars Brandon Jennings and Andre Drummond teamed up for a sick off-the-glass alley-oop. The Washington Generals need to watch their asses.


Brandon Jennings’ Donates Basketball Courts In Compton In New “Under The Armour” Episode

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The saying "never forget where you come from" is about a true statement as there ever has been.


Here’s Baron Davis’ ‘Getting Buckets’, A Video Game About Literally Getting Buckets


Here's a quick list of the worst things an athlete can do with his money during or after his professional career: 1.

Left Wrist Media

Brandon Jennings’ “Under The Armour” Season 2 Begins Now


For a NBA baller, just because your number wasn't called for the Olympic Games doesn't mean sitting around for the summer is an option.


Internet Artist of the Day of the Week: Double Scribble's NBA Fan Art

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I’m a big sucker for fan art – well, appropriate fan art – and that’s why I’ve been pounding my desk all morning over the news that the <a href="">world’s biggest patent troll is going after Etsy’s new $40 million investment</a>.


Are You From HERE?: Brandon Jennings Shines For Compton In New Under Armour Ad

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Kendrick ain't the only kid from Compton TSS has love for.


11.16 The Cooler

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Sally Ferreira Childish Gambino: “I Don’t Hate Backpackers” [The Urban Daily] Louisville Football Coach Blames Call of Duty For Team's Loss [The Big Lead] Site to Resell MP3's Has Critics [NYT] Whitney Houston Talks "Waiting To Exhale 2" [This Is RnB] Brandon Jennings’ Job Interview [...].


12 NBA Young Guns To Watch (If There’s A Season)

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Graphic: <a href="">Dimplez</a> As the NBA lockout passes its 25th hour, TSS faithful (writers and loyal visitors alike) continue to hold a candlelight vigil outside league offices every night.


Brandon Jennings Goes “Under The Armour” In Cali

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<a href="">Brandon Jennings</a> takes the Under Armour cameras back to L.


Brandon Jennings Is A Birther

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Remember when Donald Trump decided that being born in Hawaii didn't make you a U.


“Under The Armour” With Brandon Jennings

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David Stern’s <a href="">on vacation</a>.


8.4 The Cooler

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Nya Lee The Top 10 Highest Grossing Films Of Summer (So Far) <a href="" target="blank">[Film Drunk]</a> 'Police Academy' Star Bubba Smith Dies <a href="">[Variety]</a> What Did Stringer Bell Do Wrong.


The Night Derrick Rose Took Home The MVP

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<a href=""> Call me a lot of things when it comes to being a NBA fan. A Miami Heat bandwagoner? That's fair. A LeBron James stan? I'd say so. A Boston Celtics hater? With every fiber of my being. However, <a href="">when I noted</a> Derrick Rose was playing at a MVP-level in November, I meant it.


Blake Griffin Vs. The World: The 2011 Slam Dunk Competition Preview

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<a href=""> <a href="">Slam</a> and other media outlets are reporting that the 2011 Dunk Contest field is as follows: JaVale McGee, Brandon Jennings, Serge Ibaka, and as everyone hoped, Blake Griffin.


9.15 The Cooler

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Tierra Montana Fishburne Seeks Inpatient Professional Help [TMZ] The 15 Most Disturbing Documentaries of All Time [Complex] 10 Ways the NFL Can Punish Reggie Bush Properly [The BVX] Ines Sainz Is Always Welcome In Our Locker Room [TSJ] English Teenager Banned From USA For Calling [...].


Brandon Jennings Nixed From Team USA Because of Nike?

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Milwaukee Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings is still less than pleased about being cut from the US national team earlier this summer.

Austin Rivers

10 More Highlights From Boost’s Elite 24

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<a href=""> More highlight footage from the <a href="">Boost Mobile Elite 24’s</a> secret midnight run and the short clip features Tyreke Evans spinning, John Wall jumping, Brandon Jennings passing and DeMar DeRozan dunking.

Boost Mobile Elite 24

Brandon Jennings & John Wall Reenact NBA Jam

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<a href=""> I'm telling you now that the biggest obstacle in becoming the next Michael Jordan is height these days. Because the athleticism these little guys are displaying in 2010 is pretty uncanny. John Wall has yet to play a NBA game but he's already making pro highlights. In a scrimmage at the Boost Mobile Elite 24 midnight run in Los Angeles last night, the #1 pick got jiggy wit' it from a lob tossed from Brandon Jennings. All we needed was the "John Wall Dance" and this would have made the perfect <a href="">Reebok commercial</a>.


TSS 2010 NBA Playoff Preview: The First Round – Part One

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<a href=""> It's time for the NBA playoffs and it couldn't have come at a better time.  Baseball's just warming up & a few months from warranting paying attention to it.  Only thing popping off with football is the draft & spring practices in college.  Hockey's playoffs have begun, but you can't even find those games on TV if you wanted to.  The Lakers appear to be in prime position to repeat, but there are capable teams in both conferences standing in the wings & waiting to take it off their hands.  Which makes the NBA playoffs the hot ticket, the intensity picks as the O'Brien trophy is the ultimate prize. For all the flack that <a href="">LeBron</a> received about sitting out a few meaningless late regular season games, it looks like a couple of other teams may been wise to follow his lead.

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