Listen To Brandon Marshall Get Into A Heated Argument With An ESPN Radio Host

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For some reason Chicago Bears WR Brandon Marshall is doing his best to keep the 2014 season in the news.


Did Brandon Marshall Really Challenge A Lions Fan To A Fight?

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Brandon Marshall is in some hot water this morning after challenging a Lions fan to a fight for $25k.


Here Are The Ugly Details Of The Chicago Bears’ Locker Room Fight

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The Chicago Bears Are Fighting In House, Fighting With Fans, And Injured. Other Than That, Everything Is Fine.


Brandon Marshall Still Loves His College, Isn’t Aware Of His Surroundings

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Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall, while controversial and an all-around enigma to most NFL fans, will always be one of my favorite football players, because I was fortunate enough to cover his college career at the University of Central Florida.


12 Longshot Predictions For The 2012 NFL Season

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Kids are returning back to school, the last days of summer are upon us and at least part of the country is moving one day closer to having to break out those snow shovels again.


The National Foodball League Makes Us Hungry For The Football Season

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As I’ve mentioned in the past, much to your undoubted excitement, I spend way too much time on Twitter and Tumblr all for the purpose of entertaining you.


Brandon Marshall May Have Punched A Chick, Melo May Want To Be Traded But Dwight Definitely Wants To Stay In Orlando…For Now

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NY Post: "NFL star receiver Brandon Marshall — whose list of run-ins with the law is as long as a football field — allegedly slugged the woman at a Chelsea nightclub, The Post has learned.


Reunited And It Feels So… OUCH MY FACE!

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When Fox Sports reporter and Bond villain Jay Glazer broke the news yesterday afternoon that the Miami Dolphins had traded receiver Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears for two third round draft picks, a few theories hit the Twitters: 1) The Dolphins are run by complete morons.


Believe It Or Not, The Pro Bowl Wasn’t Terrible: The Game In Pictures

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The 2012 Pro Bowl took place yesterday, in case you were glued to TNT’s broadcast of the Celebrity Drinking Contest annual SAG Awards, and it was basically everything you would expect, as the AFC defeated the NFC 59-41.


Andrew Luck Might Want To Stay In School

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Even as the Miami Dolphins are 0-4 and most fans – this handsome blogger included – are leaning toward the “Suck for Luck” campaign, there are two immediate roadblocks to a 0-16 season.


Here’s A Controversy That Is Totally Stupid

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One of my favorite things in sports is when athletes make jokes in their postgame or practice press conferences and reporters either don’t get them or they do get them but still turn them into mini controversies for the sake of slow news days.


In The Arms Of The Morning Links, Fly Away From Here

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Sports NBC Buys 80's Wrestling Drama from The Rock - Matt Ufford gave me a shout-out in this, and he's right; my personal career goal is to have the people in charge of this show find my Best and Worst reports, realize I'm the man for the job, put me in charge and let me turn it into an actual NWA 80s wrestling show without any confrontational family moments or walking conversations.


The 80s TV Sitcom Daughters Guide To Fantasy Football Wide Receivers

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Now that we’ve all calmed down from last week’s controversial running back rankings, I figured it was time to start the week off on the wrong foot with an equally controversial and debatable fantasy football wide receivers ranking.


So Brandon Marshall Was Stabbed

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By now you've undoubtedly heard that Miami Dolphins wide receiver and shy gentleman Brandon Marshall was stabbed by his wife Friday night.


Miami Dolphins Running Out Of Players

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The Miami Dolphins ran out of quarterbacks last Sunday.


Dolphins QBs Now Just On The Ground


The Miami Dolphins kept their dwindling playoff hopes alive with a 29-17 win over the Tennessee Titans yesterday, but they’ll have to keep pressing on without quarterbacks Chad Henne and Chad Pennington, who were both removed from the game with serious injuries.


Carmelo Anthony trade rumors now include Andre Iguodala

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Last call for last-minute entries into the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes.

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