Friday Wrestling Conversation: WWE Is Bringing Back The Brand Split. Who Do You Put Where, And Why?

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WWE has trademarked 'Bragging Rights,' the name of their old brand-split PPV. If the brand split returns, who do you put where, and why?


Surreal Ad For ‘Reactvertising’ Skewers Advertisers With Lame Twitter Accounts


Are you tired of ad agencies that hesitate to exploit any trending hashtag? Reactvertising™ is here to shift the f*ck out of your paradigm.


Hulk Hogan Will Not Stand For An MMA Bisexual Reality Show Using His Fake Last Name

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Hulk Hogan is furious that his nephew "King David" is using the Hogan name for a bisexual reality show.


Tide Had The Best Joke For The Idea Of LeBron James Returning To Cleveland

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Nobody has a clue what is going on with LeBron James, but Tide went ahead and gave us the best joke for his return to Cleveland.

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Atari Has Teamed Up With Denny’s To Combine Classic Video Games With Food


Denny's rebranded some of its classic menu items by teaming up with Atari to make food-themed version of its most iconic games.


Here Are The Dumbest Things Brands Have Tweeted Today To ‘Honor’ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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A roundup of the very worst things tweeted by brands and corporations on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2014.

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