It’s Finally Happening: The Dead Are Coming Back To Life In Brazilian Cemeteries

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Zombies. Brazil will soon be overtaken by the dead coming back to life. Zombies everywhere.

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Meet The Nice Brazilian Bodybuilder Who Filmed Justin Bieber In Bed

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Say hello to 26-year-old Tatiana Neves Barbosa, who lived out the dream of all Beliebers.


Keith Olbermann Nailed It On Why Sports Uniforms And Politics Don’t Mix

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Keith Olbermann ranted about why sports uniforms and politics don't mix, citing (among other things) Rob Ford's tie

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Did A Brazilian Hooker Post Video Of Justin Bieber Sleeping In Her Bed To YouTube? You Make The Call!

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Justin Bieber has apparently been videotaped with an alleged Brazilian prostitute. Kid's got a rough life.


The Wife Of Former Soccer Player Joao Santos Found His Severed Head On Her Doorstep

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Former Brazilian soccer player Joao Santos went missing on Monday and his head was later left on his wife's doorstep.


Bribery Accusations Threaten To Sully The Good Name Of Miss Bum Bum Brazil

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Contestants in the Miss Bum Bum Brazil pageant are accusing the winner of bribing the judges to declare that her rear end is the best in the country.


Here’s The Latest Nominee For The Most Embarrassing MMA Fighter Of All-Time

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A Brazilian MMA fighter fed up with getting his butt kicked spit out his mouth guard, called time out and jumped out of the octagon.


And Now, Your MMA Leg Break Of The Day

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MMA leg break? MMA leg break. Watch a guy throw a kick and come back with a spaghetti leg.


Brazilian Robbery Attempt Goes Hilariously Wrong


A security camera catches a Brazilian thief messing with the wrong shop.


Mayor of Rio offers to fully fund Woody Allen’s next movie if he shoots it there

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With Rio De Janeiro hosting the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, the city is aggressively courting "major world city" status.


Examining 7 Iconic Poop Scenes, Set to the Bristol Stool Scale

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Editor's Note: By now you may have noticed Evan Harold's writing voice in your <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/tag/morning-links" target="_blank">morning links</a> and <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2013/07/comments-of-the-week-kirk-cameron-blows" target="_blank">comments of the week</a> posts these past few months.


John Travolta: Ruining Alcohol (And Brazil) The Same Way He Ruined Christmas

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Former Hollywood person-of-note John Travolta makes an appearance in a Brazilian rum commercial, and it is gloriously insane.


Anderson Silva Is Still Crying About That Fight He Lost On Purpose

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At UFC 162, unbeatable superchamp Anderson Silva basically stood still and held up a giant sign that said HIT ME, CHRIS en route to losing his UFC Middleweight Championship to Chris Weidman.


Video: A Soccer Player Injured Himself Celebrating His First Goal

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The video above features a 19-year old soccer player named Maurides and for a brief moment during Internacional’s 3-1 victory over América Mineiro on Wednesday, he was the happiest man in the world.


Diego Cavalieri Left His Wife Because She Talked To The Media About His Penis

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In one of the most bizarre (if true) stories of athlete divorces that we’ll talk about this year, there are reports that Brazilian National Team goalkeeper Diego Cavalieri has left his wife, model Daniela Carvalho, because she allegedly talked to Brazilian media and gossip rags about the size of her husband’s penis.


Maiquel Falcao’s Possibly-Deadly Brazilian Street Brawl Was Crazy, Totally Avoidable

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A couple of video game observations before we get into the horrific, WorldStarHipHop-esque ultra violence; 1.

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Brazilian Rapper MC Daleste Shot Dead While Performing

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MC Daleste, a popular 20 year-old Brazilian funk artist/rapper whose real name was Daniel Pellegrine, was shot and killed during a live show over the weekend


A Soccer Referee In Brazil Was Stoned, Quartered & Beheaded By Fans After He Stabbed A Player

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During an amateur soccer match in Brazil, a referee was beheaded by fans after he stabbed and killed one of the players during the dispute of a call.


Watch What Happens When A Fat Brazilian Man Dares To Drink Coke And Eat Mentos

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Mixing Mentos and Coke is not a good idea. Unless, of course, you enjoy projectile vomiting.

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