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Anderson Silva Is Just Trolling Chael Sonnen Now

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UFC's Middleweight Champion and longest reigning champion Anderson Silva is on the cover of Rolling Stone Brazil, and Rolling Stone's only two ideas for photos are "take off your clothes" and "do something stupid".


When Cosplay Goes Wrong: Brazilian "Hulk" stains his skin with submarine paint

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Just a reminder for all you kids out there, if you're trying to paint yourself green like the Incredible Hulk, maybe stick with grease paint or sharpie.


Now He's The Ultimate One-Armed Fighter

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<a href=""></a>I've never fought professionally, so this video has taught me a valuable lesson -- if a guy has his body wrapped around my arm and is trying to break it, I shouldn't stand up and shake my arm around to make him stop.


The World's Most Popular Tweeter Is… Kaká?

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If you had asked me to name the athlete with the most followers on Twitter, I would have asked for a hint.


Get Outta Here, Stupid My Teammate


As far as soccer fights go, this is obviously far from the top of the heap.


Chael Sonnen Reads Off List Of Insults Before Losing To Anderson Silva Again

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A rematch between Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and challenger Chael Sonnen has been formally set and scheduled for June 23 at 50,000ish-seat Joao Havelange Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.


Morning Links: Although We've Come, To The End Of The Contract

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Anderson Silva Helps Brasilian National Soccer Team Defeat Their Shadow-Selves (Wait, What)


Before I watched this commercial, my cultural understanding of Brazil had been drawn mostly from Werner Herzog movies and guesstimated quotes from <a href="" target="_blank">Pitbull's "International Love"</a>.


Megan Fox, Mike Tyson Star In ‘Megan Fox Island’


Megan Fox and Mike Tyson star in a commercial for CCAA, a language school in Brazil, and we will now forever be in CCAA's debt for introducing us to the concepts of "Megan Fox Island" and "Mike Tyson Island.


This Is Why We Need More Mike Tyson

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If you’re trying to pinpoint the exact moment that Mike Tyson went from raging psychopath meltdown monster to the current hilarious and generally affable guy that we all love, most people would probably say it was his cameo in The Hangover.


Wednesday Wild Card: Keibler, Brady, Beckham And The World Series Of Poker

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A ton of stuff happens in the sports world each week and there are only two of us here to try to scoop up as much as we can and shove into all into your eyeballs like an ocular smoothie of awesome.


Silva VS. Bieber Set For UFC 136

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Another day, another story about Justin Bieber, the world's <a href="">Sexiest Teenage Man</a>, shoehorning himself into the world of sports because he's rich and popular enough to do anything he wants.


Brazil Is Good At Commercials.

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I've spent all morning trying to figure out a way to write about Argentina's "Dancing With the Stars" routine in which a <a href="" target="_blank">woman got completely naked</a> and had wine poured all over her breasts and my God it was amazing I've had lap dances that weren't as sexy, but there's just no way to do it.


Here Is a Horse Pooping on Children’s TV

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The only Portuguese I know is "Que linda.


James Cameron’s Amazon tribe about to have their Hometree bulldozed

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You may remember late last year Brazil's environment agency gave its definitive approval on Wednesday for construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam, a controversial $17 billion project in the Amazon.

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