‘I Am A River To My People,’ And Other Quotes From Will Smith’s Latest Nauseating Interview

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"I read a Bruce Lee quote that shifted how I'm trying to live my life right now."

fantastic four

Here Are All The Hints Hidden In The ‘The Fantastic Four’ Teaser

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The 'Fantastic Four' teaser has more fun stuff hidden in it than you might think, including clues to which comics it's based on. Also, the Thing is nude.

#Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Let’s Break Down The New ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Trailer Shot-By-Shot

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The latest trailer for 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' has a lot of hints, clues, and cool stuff. Let's take a look!

#Jurassic World

‘Jurassic World’ Director Colin Trevorrow Breaks Down The Trailer Shot-By-Shot


No, Judy Greer does not flash anyone. But there's a lot of good stuff tucked away in the 'Jurassic World' trailer anyway.


A Developer For The Failed ‘Yogventures’ Kickstarter Has A Fascinating Breakdown Of What Went Wrong

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'Yogventures' was an ambitious game that ultimately imploded. But unlike most games, the developer gave us some insight into why.


Here Is Over Nine Minutes Of Just The Breakdown From ‘Two Princes’

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Should you listen to a nine-minute version of "Two Princes"? Just go ahead now.


Kevin Smith Mortgages House To Make “Walrus Man: based on the Podcast HURR, by DURR.”

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VINCE'S NOTE: The views expressed by the commenter known to me only as Chareth Cutestory in no way reflect the reviews of FilmDrunk, except that I find his irrational Kevin Smith hatred endlessly entertaining.

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