Happy 50th Birthday, Pop-Tarts: A Ranking Of The Most Delicious Flavors

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Despite some controversies and lawsuits, the Pop-Tart has been running strong since 1964, thanks mostly to a variety of ridiculous flavors.

why god why?

A Very Thorough And Painfully Scientific Review Of The Taco Bell Breakfast Menu

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Before you drive over to Taco Bell and order up a Waffle Taco, here's a very thorough review of the complete breakfast menu.


Kevin Garnett's Honey Nut Cheerios And Other Athletes Re-Imagined As Breakfast Foods

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In one of the better “Boys will be boys” stories of this early sports year, New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony reportedly took offense to something that Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett said to him during Boston’s 102-96 victory on Monday night.

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Michelle Jenneke Meets Forever Alone. Pretty Sure I’m The One Forever Alone

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Back in July, With Leather created an Internet maelstrom (or "malestrom") of guys furiously GIFfing and watermarking pictures of Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke.

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Pluckers Presents the Morning Links

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I spent my weekend watching Minor League Baseball and attending an independently-promoted women's professional wrestling tournament, and since those are the two things I love nobody else in the world wants to read about, here are links to other things.

THE 1980S

The Greatest Atrocity In The History Of Sport

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I've been silent on this issue for entirely too long.



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Thanks to imaginative folks at Pangea food, you need no longer while away your mornings glumly looking at your breakfast toast, wistfully waiting for the logo of your favorite sports team to materialize before you jam the burnt bread into your fat face.



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11-year-old Alabama native Jamison Stone killed a really big boar:Jamison, who killed his first deer at age 5, was hunting with father Mike Stone and two guides in east Alabama on May 3 when he bagged Monster Pig.

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