Alyssa Milano Brought Up A Valid Point Concerning Kim Kardashian’s Bare Ass Magazine Cover

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Alyssa Milano couldn't resist using Kim Kardashian's racy magazine cover to point out her own issues with "baring all" online.

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A Mom Was Kicked Out Of A Concert For Having Her Baby In The Pit

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If you're a recent parent and you want to see a concert, please leave your child with a babysitter and not bring them to the show.


Did This Woman Seriously Squirt Breast Milk Into A Coworker’s Milk Carton?

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This video shows a woman pouring milk out of a carton into her coffee, then squirting milk from her breast back into the carton. REAL OR FAKE?


This Breastfeeding Dads Project Is Somehow Not An April Fools Joke

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Project Breastfeeding was started as a campaign to educate men and remove the stigma of public breastfeeding. Who doesn't like boobs?


Instagram Users Are Pissed That A Photo Of A Nude Breastfeeding Mom Doing Yoga Was Removed

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If you want to breastfeed your baby while doing yoga in the nude, don't upload the photo to Instagram, says, Instagram.

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An Oral History Of This Week's 'Time' Magazine Cover

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If you've spent any time at all on Facebook or Twitter today, you've probably noticed that A LOT of people are talking about the new cover of Time magazine -- for some reason -- marking the first time in years anyone outside of your Aunt Mildred has talked about Time magazine in public.


Your Dumb Nontroversy of the Day: Saga’s Breastfeeding Cover

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Before we lay out this ridiculousness, we've really got to ask: does anybody actually find babies eating erotic.


Eyes Up Here For Some Breast News

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They’re a woman’s best asset and a man’s best friends.

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