The Dallas Mavericks Have To Be Considered Darkhorse Title Contenders

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First they acquired Eduardo Najera from New Jersey for Kris Humphries and Shawne Williams. Next they traded Josh Howard, Drew Gooden, James Singleton and Quinton Ross for Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood and DeShawn Stevenson.


Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 2.25

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Beast of the Night: Carlos Boozer bruised the Bobcats with 33 points, 16 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals and 1 block.


Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 2.23

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Beast of the Night: Gerald Wallace put up 32 points, 2 threes, 12 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals in 48 productive minutes.

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NBA Trading Day: McGrady to Sacramento for K-Mart; LeBron gets an All-Star Plan B

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For two guys who were mentioned so often throughout the NBA trading deadline frenzy, it never seemed likely that Tracy McGrady and Kevin Martin would directly cross paths the way they did late Wednesday night.


Caron Butler’s Dallas debut; Iverson, B-Roy struggle to return; Nets win!

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For about 15 minutes, the Mavericks looked like they'd been playing with its new roster for months, building a double-digit lead in Oklahoma City while starting two-guard Caron Butler (13 pts, 4-16 FG) wasn't shy at all about getting involved in the offense right away.


Nate Dogg Does It Again

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Other than Nate Robinson making history as the first three-time champion, there really wasn't anything memorable about last night's NBA All-Star dunk contest.


NBA Trade Rumor: McGrady to NY, Butler & Haywood to Houston and Harrington to D.C.

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At this point, the same pieces keep getting mentioned, but GMs are just trying to figure out which move is the right one.


NBA Trade Rumor: Caron Butler To Dallas Or Houston

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The time has come, and the Wizards are finally ready to blow up the squad - that at least on paper - looked like the fourth best team in the Eastern Conference before the season.


The Celtics Will Add A Veteran, And 4 Other Things That Will Happen Before The Deadline

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With the NBA All-Star Weekend around the corner, and the NBA Trade Deadline right after that, there's definitely going to be some things happening in the League.


NBA Trade Rumor: Brendan Haywood or Brad Miller To Portland

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At the start of the season, there was no question that the Blazers had the most post depth in the League.


Report: Three More Wizards Questioned in The Arenas Case

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Gilbert Arenas' locker may have been cleaned out and his gigantic billboard outside the Verizon Center may have been taken down, but Arenas is still the top focus in the world of the Washington Wizards.


Flip Saunders bashes Wizards, Gilbert Arenas says: “We stink”

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As much as the end of a calendar year lends itself to making New Year's resolutions, it's also a time to look back and brag or try to forget what you did right and wrong over the last 12 months.


Daily Fantasy Diagnosis: 10.28

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Now that the 2009-10 NBA season has finally begun, we'll have brief overviews of the previous night's games each day, highlighting noteworthy performances and trends, along with some recommendations.


Washington Wizards ’09-10 NBA season preview

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Last year we debuted the "Highs and Lows" system -- previewing the NBA season by predicting the respective ceiling and basement for each team.

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Dime’s Fantasy Category Specialists: Rebounds

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Today we'll continue our week-long look at late-round players who can help you fill in the statistical gaps you find yourself with near the end of your fantasy drafts.


The Wizards Could Win The Championship This Year

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Before you skip the article and head directly to the comments to destroy me, just hear me out.

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5 New Players That Will Average 2+ Blocks This Season

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In case you didn't know, last season there were only five players in the NBA that averaged over 2.

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