Tom Chambers

6 White Men Who Can Jump


Since Grantland did their oral history of the iconic Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson streetball buddy comedy, White Men Can't Jump, we thought there were exceptions to stereotype.


Top 10 Plays Of The Last Lockout-Shortened NBA Season

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There are a couple of guys in this list you might know pretty well, but are nonetheless surprising to see here.


Below The Rim: 6 Unfortunate Dunk Contest Winners

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The NBA’s Slam Dunk Contest has birthed winners like Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Kobe Bryant and Vince Carter; all of whom went on to have Hall of Fame to above average careers.


3 Things the Atlanta Hawks Have To Do This Summer

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By hiring former Mike Woodson assistant Larry Drew as its next head coach, the Hawks sent a message: Things need to change around here.


Sneak Peek: T-Mobile’s New Commercial Spot

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It's almost impossible to watch an NBA game these days without seeing a T-Mobile commercial.

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Ibaka Flocka Flame: Durant’s 45 not enough to beat San Antonio; Stoudemire’s best dunk ever

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Right after Kevin Durant's showcase of savage bucketry, it was Serge Ibaka who almost got the Thunder over the hump against the Spurs last night.

#LeBron James

“No LeBron, Mo Problems”

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That was Brent Barry's line before last night's Cavs/Spurs game, his way of saying Mo Williams needed to step up and lead Cleveland since LeBron was out with a sore ankle.

Houston Rockets

Former Dunk Champ On The Block

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A couple weeks ago in Smack we mentioned that we didn't even realize Brent Barry was still in the NBA, let alone the subject of trade rumors.


Don’t count the Spurs out yet

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Auto-robotic response upon hearing the news Manu Ginobili is out for the rest of the season: "The Spurs are done, they're toast, peace out, etc.

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