Nic Cage Does His Crazy Cage Thing In Face Paint For This 'Ghost Rider' Deleted Scene

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Remember when Nic Cage said he brought his own face paint and black contact lenses to the set of 'Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance'? Now we have video.

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Is a “Twisted Metal” Movie In The Works?


The video game just came out, so, needless to say, Sony has already dropped hints that "Twisted Metal" will be coming to screens <a href="">courtesy of Brian Taylor</a>, best known as half of Neveldine/Taylor.


Nicholas Cage On His Inspiration For Ghost Rider, Scaring Costars, And Arguing Over Handlebar Mustaches

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A new Ghost Rider movie opening this Friday brings with it a wonderful side benefit: numerous interviews with Nic Cage saying awesomely eccentric things.

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