Nic Cage Does His Crazy Cage Thing In Face Paint For This 'Ghost Rider' Deleted Scene

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Remember when Nic Cage said he brought his own face paint and black contact lenses to the set of 'Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance'? Now we have video.

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Is a “Twisted Metal” Movie In The Works?


The video game just came out, so, needless to say, Sony has already dropped hints that "Twisted Metal" will be coming to screens courtesy of Brian Taylor, best known as half of Neveldine/Taylor.


Nicholas Cage On His Inspiration For Ghost Rider, Scaring Costars, And Arguing Over Handlebar Mustaches

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A new Ghost Rider movie opening this Friday brings with it a wonderful side benefit: numerous interviews with Nic Cage saying awesomely eccentric things.

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