This Woman Advertising Herself As A ‘Professional Bridesmaid’ On Craigslist Is Doing The Lord’s Work

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This woman selling her services as a bridesmaid has got an incredible entrepreneurial spirit.


Monster Bride Demands Her Bridesmaids Wear Matching Bikinis With ‘Rhinestones On The Tushie’

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"No-one can be skinner than the bride. That means Kelly and Lizzie will be on a protein weight gainer diet exclusively until May."


The Best Maid of Honor Toast Ever (Eminem Rap)


Jennifer Gabrielli delivers what may be the best surprise toast by any bridesmaid ever.

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The Perfect Mashup Of 'Bridesmaids' And 'Game Of Thrones' Is Coming

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If one great thing came from Bridesmaids, it's <a href="">more work for Melissa McCarthy</a>.

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‘Did You See Bridesmaids?’ Asks Teacher Before Repeatedly Slapping a Student

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Although it feels like Bridesmaids has been out for 69 years, or some such lewd comment that women can now understand and even tell because we’re living in a post-Bridesmaids world, it’s still making news.

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Even Melissa McCarthy Thinks ‘Bridesmaids 2′ Is A Terrible Idea

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Last week, Vincent <a href="">brought us the news</a> that Universal really loves money and hates leaving well enough alone, so studio executives decided that it’s time for a Bridesmaids sequel.

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Kristen Wiig turns down Bridesmaids sequel, Universal *may* make one without her

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Bridesmaids earned $288 million on a $32 million budget this past year, long-overdue vindication for our decision to give women the right to vote.


Today’s Installment of “Shut up, Ashton Kutcher”

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This week, <a href="" target="_blank">Variety has a series</a> on actors praising other actors in the year's most praise-worthy performances.

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Here Is The Deleted Sex Tape Scene From ‘Bridesmaids’ You’ve All Been Waiting For


In a recent Wall Street Journal article, <a href="">Steve Garbarino lamented the death of the playboy</a>.

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The Marathon Insult Scene From ‘Bridesmaids’ That Was Cut From The Movie


Remember that scene in Bridemaids where a young girl goes into the jewelry store where Kristen Wiig's character works and the two proceed to say all sorts of nasty things about each other.


Blooper/Gag Reels Are All The Rage These Days


When the Parks And Recreation blooper reels <a href="">hit the web a few days ago</a>, I remember thinking to myself, "Jesus, I don't remember those old blooper TV shows being this funny.


Of Course Bridesmaids Has A Porn Parody

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By all accounts, Bridesmaids was an absurd success.


Hangover II: Biggest opening ever for live-action comedy

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The Hangover II rode its monkey to the highest-grossing opening weekend ever for a live-action comedy ($86 million from Friday to Sunday), earning $137.


Frotcast 48: Bridesmaids

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(the player below takes a second to load.


Box Office: Thor on top, Bridesmaids strong

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Not too many huge stories at the box office this weekend.


Weekend Movie Guide: Bridesmaids, Priest, Heshers

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I apologize if you live not in New York or LA, because there's some good stuff out in limited release this week.


Review: Bridesmaids

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An Entirely Lovable Film I Didn't Quite Love Bridesmaids is a heartfelt, at times really funny film filled with talented, funny people, a film that isn't a lot of fun to admit you didn't love.


The new Labia Hangover trailer has Jon Hamm shirtless

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After the jump, you can watch the new trailer for Bridesmaids, aka The Hangover for Chicks, aka The Labia Hangover -- the Judd Apatow-produced, Paul Feig directed, Kristen Wiig co-written wedding flick opening May 11th.


New trailer for The Hangover with labia

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Okay, I know I've been chugging coffee and snorting lines of negativism all morning, so I'll give you a well-earned rant respite with this new trailer for Bridesmaids, aka The Hangover for Chicks.

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