This Woman Advertising Herself As A ‘Professional Bridesmaid’ On Craigslist Is Doing The Lord’s Work

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This woman selling her services as a bridesmaid has got an incredible entrepreneurial spirit.


Monster Bride Demands Her Bridesmaids Wear Matching Bikinis With ‘Rhinestones On The Tushie’

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"No-one can be skinner than the bride. That means Kelly and Lizzie will be on a protein weight gainer diet exclusively until May."


The Best Maid of Honor Toast Ever (Eminem Rap)


Jennifer Gabrielli delivers what may be the best surprise toast by any bridesmaid ever.

high school

‘Did You See Bridesmaids?’ Asks Teacher Before Repeatedly Slapping a Student

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Although it feels like Bridesmaids has been out for 69 years, or some such lewd comment that women can now understand and even tell because we’re living in a post-Bridesmaids world, it’s still making news.

unnecessary sequels

Even Melissa McCarthy Thinks ‘Bridesmaids 2′ Is A Terrible Idea

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Last week, Vincent brought us the news that Universal really loves money and hates leaving well enough alone, so studio executives decided that it’s time for a Bridesmaids sequel.

unnecessary sequels

Kristen Wiig turns down Bridesmaids sequel, Universal *may* make one without her

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Bridesmaids earned $288 million on a $32 million budget this past year, long-overdue vindication for our decision to give women the right to vote.


Today’s Installment of “Shut up, Ashton Kutcher”

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This week, Variety has a series on actors praising other actors in the year's most praise-worthy performances.

Kristen Wiig

The Marathon Insult Scene From ‘Bridesmaids’ That Was Cut From The Movie


Remember that scene in Bridemaids where a young girl goes into the jewelry store where Kristen Wiig's character works and the two proceed to say all sorts of nasty things about each other.


Blooper/Gag Reels Are All The Rage These Days


When the Parks And Recreation blooper reels hit the web a few days ago, I remember thinking to myself, "Jesus, I don't remember those old blooper TV shows being this funny.


Of Course Bridesmaids Has A Porn Parody

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By all accounts, Bridesmaids was an absurd success.


Hangover II: Biggest opening ever for live-action comedy

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The Hangover II rode its monkey to the highest-grossing opening weekend ever for a live-action comedy ($86 million from Friday to Sunday), earning $137.


Frotcast 48: Bridesmaids

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(the player below takes a second to load.


Box Office: Thor on top, Bridesmaids strong

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Not too many huge stories at the box office this weekend.


Weekend Movie Guide: Bridesmaids, Priest, Heshers

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I apologize if you live not in New York or LA, because there's some good stuff out in limited release this week.


Review: Bridesmaids

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An Entirely Lovable Film I Didn't Quite Love Bridesmaids is a heartfelt, at times really funny film filled with talented, funny people, a film that isn't a lot of fun to admit you didn't love.


The new Labia Hangover trailer has Jon Hamm shirtless

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After the jump, you can watch the new trailer for Bridesmaids, aka The Hangover for Chicks, aka The Labia Hangover -- the Judd Apatow-produced, Paul Feig directed, Kristen Wiig co-written wedding flick opening May 11th.


New trailer for The Hangover with labia

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Okay, I know I've been chugging coffee and snorting lines of negativism all morning, so I'll give you a well-earned rant respite with this new trailer for Bridesmaids, aka The Hangover for Chicks.

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