What Is ‘Dogging,’ The Illegal Internet-Fueled Sex Craze In Britain?

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Dogging is a form of public exhibitionism common in the UK but completely unheard of in the United States.


Watch This British Reporter Nearly Gag As He Swallows A Fly During A Live Segment


Adam Boulton of Sky News accidentally swallowed a fly during a live report, but managed to keep it together like a gentleman.


Charles Bronson Smothered Himself In Butter And Attacked 12 Guards Because Arsenal Won The FA Cup

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Tottenham fan and Britain's most notorious prisoner Charles Bronson fought 12 guards because he couldn't stand that Arsenal beat Hull City.


Britain Will Attempt To Control Internet Porn

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Britain is going to try its hand at some Internet censorship! You know, like that sterling democracy Iran. Have fun, guys!


Eliza Dushku Cast In Kinda Animated Torchwood Spin-Off

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If you've been thinking "Hey, I really wish I could get more Torchwood, but also watch Eliza Dushku play the same character she always plays," then you're really in luck.

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What’s Going On In The World of Kitties?


While we greatly enjoy Canadian heavy metal, we were talking about Felis catus and his relatives.


Is a Baby Penguin Tougher Than You?


When one considers the words "courage" and "fortitude", the words "adorable baby penguins" don't spring instantly to mind.


Has The World Gone Spy Crazy?


Espionage is a hot topic lately, what with that dastardly Bond villain Julian Assange and his Wikileaks spoiling all of the government’s covert idiocy fun and Angelina Jolie’s Salt coming out on DVD and Blu-Ray.


Why Are Germans Taxing Sex?

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After a short period of being quietly weird, Germany is really unloading with the utter strangeness lately, mailing us spiders and the killer pig they butcher in the name of revenge and freaking out over Google.


On This Day In Scrabble History:


Technically this story is from Saturday, but Uncle Chodin dressed up like David Carradine for Halloween this year and, admittedly, it took just a little while longer than anticipated to get out of my costume.


Science Working Hard: Women Prefer Guys Who Can Dance Like This (Video)

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Look, so I realize that this is going to sound pretty out there, but a recent study has just confirmed that women find guys who can dance good more attractive than guys who cannot.

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