Meme Watch: Patrick Stewart & Others React To British Prime Minister’s Super Serious Phone Call

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British Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted an embarrassing picture and the internet didn't let us down.


Trailer: Downfall director applies his Hitler skills to Princess Diana

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Here we have the trailer for Diana, and not a moment too soon.


Helen Mirren cussed out a gay pride parade while dressed as Queen Elizabeth

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Helen Mirren cursed out a group of drummers from a gay pride parade over the weekend, all while dressed in full stage costume as Queen Elizabeth II.


Police help blind author finish her novel after her pen runs out of ink

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In a heartwarming story of people helping people and triumph over adversity, police helped a blind British novelist recover 26 pages of her book when she continued writing without realizing that her pen had run out.

london olympics

Olympic Dog Costumes? Sure, Why Not

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It’s hard to say that living the dream is dead when women like Donna Condliffe are out there dreaming big.


Soccer Riots, Now Available At Weddings


I'm not married, but for the longest time my wedding bucket list has included: 1.


If Iron Maiden's 'The Number Of The Beast' Is The Best British Album Ever, What's The Best American?

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Longboats have been sighted, the evidence of war has begun Many Nordic fighting men, their swords and shields all gleam in the sun Call to arms, defend yourselves, get ready to stand and fight for your lives Judgment day has come around, so be prepared, don't run, stand your ground So begins the greatest British album of all-time, Iron Maiden’s The Number of the Beast, at least according to those who responded to a survey put out by British retailer HMV.


British gravy wrestler takes wrench to the face during sex dispute

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Take note, journalists, this is how you write a lede: Gravy-wrestling model suffers horrific facial injuries after being hit with monkey wrench when she interrupted a friend having sex.

russell brand

Russell Brand Is Getting A Late Night Show

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Hot off the news that excitable British buccaneer Russell Brand would be getting his own animated show on FOX comes this: He will also be getting his own late-night show at FX.


Sideways Brohawks vs. Aliens: New Attack the Block trailer

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After the jump, I've got the new red-band trailer for Attack the Block ("Inner City vs.


Boromir ain’t care! Sean Bean gets stabbed in a bar fight, keeps partying.

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Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones actor Sean Bean has made a fine career out of looking like a guy who knows his way around a sword, but you know what they say, live by the sword, get stabbed in a bar fight by a drunk who insults your slutty girlfriend.


Vanilla Ice is playing Captain Hook in a pantomime show, this is not a joke

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Before I begin, I just want to clarify, that this is NOT AN APRIL FOOL'S GAG.


The King’s Speech set used to be a gay porn set

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Just weeks after The King's Speech took home seven BAFTAs including Most British, it became the subject of controversy when it was discovered that the set where Colin Firth received his unorthodox training at the hands of unlikely mentor Geoffrey Rush had been previously used to film gay porn.


What’s So Wrong With Being Obese?

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Fast food restaurants throughout Britain could be the target of a new Fat Tax in 2012 that would charge the owners £1,000 before they open to the public as part of a new program that would create awareness of childhood obesity.


Harry Potter is in a bra

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I sort of dismissed Harry Potter movies as not my cup of tea a few years ago, but based on this new TV spot for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, perhaps I was wrong.


Man Sets Asinine World Speed Record

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Perry Watkins is an English inventor who also has an appreciation for speed and innovative automobile design.

Warwick Davis

Yes, please: Ricky Gervais may be planning a Warwick Davis movie

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I'm not one of those smug wieners who will scream your ear off about how the British version is superior every time someone mentions The Office -- please, people, jump in a volcano, and take your stinky limey DVDs with you*.


Man Will “Walk” 500 Miles, 500 More

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Matthew Partridge is a man with a dream – he wants to walk from one side of Britain to the other.



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I didn't get to see Four Lions when it played at Sundance, but now it has a trailer and a May 7th release date set for the U.

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