Checking In With The Cast Of ‘Clueless’ 19 Years Later

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It's been almost 20 years since 'Clueless' came out, as if! So where is the Beverly Hills High cast these days?


Brittany Murphy’s Dad Goes Off On The ‘Atrocious’ Actress Playing Murphy In Lifetime’s ‘Hideous’ Biopic

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Amanda Fuller, who plays Brittany Murphy in the biopic, has had to block Murphy's Dad on Twitter in response to his cyberbullying.

the brittany murphy story

What The Hell Is Going On In The Trailer For Lifetime’s Brittany Murphy Biopic?

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The trailer for Lifetime's 'The Brittany Murphy Story' is awkward and bizarre, right down to the music selection.


Lifetime Will Air A Brittany Murphy Biopic Next Month

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Even though no one knows how or why Brittany Murphy died, Lifetime is making a movie about it.


Brittany Murphy’s Mom Disputes the Poisoning Story, Has Her Own Crackpot Theory

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Brittany Murphy's mom has written an open letter disputing the story that her daughter was poisoned. Though she sounds just as crazy as the father.


Was Brittany Murphy poisoned?

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New, independent lab reports suggest Brittany Murphy and her husband were poisoned, at least, according to her father and a documentary filmmaker.


90s Pop Culture Mindf**k Of The Day: The 2012 Tampa Bay Rays Showed Up In 'Clueless'

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On Friday, I wrote about how <a href="" target="_blank">ABC News used 'Twin Peaks' character Laura Palmer as an example of the dangers of cheerleading</a> (she was murdered, wrapped in plastic and dumped in a river.



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Hey, guys, here's your requisite <a href="">"Brittany Murphy died" post</a>, since I know people will keep asking me about it if I don't say anything.

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