Why Broadcasters Are Taking Their Attempts To Block Aereo All The Way To The Supreme Court

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Aereo is headed to the Supreme Court, and it'll likely win. Why that's a good thing.

so ncis might finally go away?

CBS Is Considering Shutting Down Its Broadcast Signal In New York To Screw Aereo

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CBS hates Aereo so much, it's actually considering going off the air in one of the biggest television markets in America.

taking your ball and going home

Fox Executive Threatens To Make His Network Subscription

By | 30 Comments

If you won't stop watching Fox in a way Fox doesn't like, it might try to start charging you for the privilege of watching 'Cleveland Show' reruns.

broadcast tv

Fox Suing For Rebroadcasting Their Free Content

By | 4 Comments

Fox executives: "Hey, some jerk is putting our network content in front of more people! WTF?!"

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