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Great News! 'A Confederacy Of Dunces' Adaptation May Soon Be Coming… To Broadway

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Calling all fat guys, 'A Confederacy of Dunces' may soon be coming to Broadway.

bill lawrence

The ‘Scrubs’ Broadway Musical Is Happening

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Bill Lawrence is bringing the guy love of "Scrubs" to Broadway.


There’s Going To Be A Broadway Musical Inspired By Tupac Songs

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"Holler If Ya Hear Me," a Broadway musical inspired by the songs of Tupac Shakur, has an official release date.

Adam McKay

The ‘Anchorman’ Sequel Was Almost A Broadway Musical

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Will Ferrell and Adam McKay started toying with the idea of an Anchorman sequel way back in 2008, but Paramount reportedly wasn’t very big on the idea since the original didn’t actually perform too well at the box office.


‘Magic Mike’ Is Indeed Heading To Broadway

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While Deadline reported the green light news last Friday, the hardest twerkin’ man in show bizna$$$ty, Channing Tatum, <a href="" target="_blank">offered up his own confirmation</a> on Tuesday that his hit semi-autobiographical film, Magic Mike, is 100% going to become a Broadway musical.


Let’s Watch Mike Tyson Perform At The Tony Awards For Some Reason


Want to watch Mike Tyson emerge from a pack of cheerleaders and do boxing-themed dance moves in a James Bond tuxedo with Doogie Howser.


Clint Eastwood wants to direct ‘Jersey Boys.’ Wait, what?

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Word on the street is that old Clint "Jazz Hands" Eastwood is considering a movie adaptation of Jersey Boys as his next film.


CONFIRMED: The Magic Mike Musical will include audience lapdances

By | 6 Comments

Undeterred by <a href="" target="_blank">Matthew McConaughey</a>'s biggest <a href="" target="_blank">Oscar snub</a> of all time (with the "<a href="" target="_blank">Ladies of Tampa</a>" snub being a close second), Magic Mike producers are still moving forward with plans for a Magic Mike Broadway musical.


Watch Germans sing songs about Rocky in ‘Rocky: Das Musical’

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Just to pound home those last few nails into theater-as-an-artform's coffin, the new big thing on Broadway is to take a movie, add some songs, and turn it into one big, soulless, obnoxious dance number.

alex rodriguez

Sports On TV: Glee’s 20 Greatest Sports Moments

By | 52 Comments

I've prepared separate intro blurbs, depending on who you are.


‘Pushing Daisies’ Might Be Brought Back From The Dead

By | 34 Comments

Pushing Daisies -- the wonderful, short-lived, Bryan Fuller-created ABC show about a pie-maker who possesses the ability to bring people and animals back to life -- may be in the midst of being brought back to life itself.


Attention Scantily Clad Women: Do Not Tweet Your Pictures With Tim Tebow

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In a story that I’ve paid little attention to because it makes me dismissively wank with poor mechanics, New York Jets backup QB Tim Tebow and his handlers are <a href="">suing two Jets fans for making a Jesus-themed Jets t-shirt</a>.


Wait…The Spidey Musical Is Profitable?


Hold the phone here, we are talking about <a href="">the actor-injuring, Taymor-firing, overhyped, underwritten, totally revamped, heavily mocked Broadway show we've been ripping on for months</a>, right.


Tom Cruise Is ‘A Manly Romantic’

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The news today for Tom Cruise’s latest project, Rock of Ages, is that Saturday Night Live’s <a href="">Will Forte is joining the cast</a> of this Broadway-to-big-screen musical adaptation.


Nerd Alert: ‘Simpsons’ Video Coat

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Pictured here is Dave Forbes in a video coat of his own design as it plays an episode of "The Simpsons," "the pinnacle of modern television entertainment.


‘Harry’s Law’ Just Got Sexy

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Any television show starring Kathy Bates as someone named "Harry" endangers the viewing audience with the threat of never again being sexually aroused, so it's important that such a show have the sexiest supporting actors possible.


The Spider-Man Musical’s Still Not Right


Last week, we <a href="">reported</a> on the reopening of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, the Broadway musical that's tortured actors and audiences alike.

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