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Five Games: ‘Broken Age Act 2’ And Everything Else You Need To Play This Week


'Broken Age' is finally completed and a Japanese girl group saves the world in this week's Five Games.

Broken Age

The Second Act Of ‘Broken Age’ Finally Has An Official Release Date

It's been nearly three years, but the Broken Age saga is finally coming to an end.

Broken Age

Here’s A 12-Minute First Look At ‘Broken Age: Act 2′ Running On The PS4

The second half of 'Broken Age' is finally on the way. Here's your first peek.

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GammaSquad’s 25 Best Games Of 2014: Part One


We kick off our list of the 2014's best games with an indie-heavy first five.


Choose Your Adventure: ‘Broken Age: Act 1′ Review

Two years in the making but it's finally here.

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7 Promising Video Games That Are Going To Flop In 2014


These games will probably be good, but that doesn't mean anybody will buy them...

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5 Games You Want This Week (Jan 12th – 18th): Kickstarter Liberation

Numerous Kickstarter projects and an underrated Assassin's Creed game arrive this week...

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Elijah Wood Will Be Starring In Tim Schafer’s ‘Broken Age’


'Broken Age' may be behind schedule and over-budget, but it has snagged Elijah Wood as it's star..


Successful Kickstarter ‘Broken Age’ Somehow Needs Even More Money To Be Finished


'Broken Age' apparently has a broken budget, despite an enormously successful Kickstarter.

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‘Broken Age’ Is A Beautiful Children’s Book Come To Life


The first trailer for Double Fine's adventure game is here...

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