#Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose On What His Recent Recovery Has Been Like: ‘Hell’

Derrick Rose has returned from his third knee surgery in time for the Chicago Bulls' playoff run. He told reporters Monday it's been 'hell.'

2015 NBA Playoffs

Almost Playoff Time: Bid And Seeding Scenarios For The Regular Season’s Finale

The doldrums of March and early April have passed, and the playoffs are merely five days away. Despite over five months and 80 games of competition, though, the field is far from set – and championship implications loom as a result of the regular season's last three days.


Referees Inexplicably Award Damian Lillard Three Points For A 20-Foot Jumper

The Brooklyn Nets jumped on the short-handed Portland Trail Blazers in the second quarter of Monday's lone NBA outing and never looked back, winning the Lopez Brothers battle by a comfortable 106-94 margin.


Oh, Brother! Robin Lopez Swats Twin Brother Brook’s Layup Out Of Bounds

The only player who can stop two-time reigning Eastern Conference Player of the Week Brook Lopez? Just a slightly different version of himself, naturally.


NBA Names Brook Lopez And James Harden Conference Players Of The Week

The NBA's Players of the Week honors go to the Brooklyn Nets' Brook Lopez and the Houston Rockets' James Harden.

Mikhail Prokhorov

Will Anyone Value The Nets At $3 Billion? Because That’s What Mikhail Prokhorov Wants


Mikhail Prokhorov, the Russian billionaire and current majority stakeholder of the Brooklyn Nets, is seeking to sell a minority interest, and reports are he's valuing the stadium and team at $3 billion.

2015 NBA Playoffs

Playoff Pay-Dirt: Tracking The Topsy-Turvy Race For The 2014-15 NBA Postseason

The 2015 NBA Playoffs are almost here, and we've all the information you need to track who gets in and who is eliminated.


Brook Lopez Tips In The Game-Winner Against The Knicks at MSG

With time winding down and the game tied at 98, Brook Lopez gets a game-winning put-back off a miss by Deron Williams to sink the Knicks.

#LeBron James

A Nets Heckler Claims ‘Crybaby’ LeBron James Asked Security To Remove Him


Hecklers are something we will never understand. Why a fan would pay hard-earned money for a great seat just so he or she could berate opposing players and act as a wild malcontent is absolutely beyond us. Is it really that fun to act like an a**hole?


Brook Lopez Isn’t Just Going To Disney World, He’s Going To Live There

Brook Lopez is about to live every child's dream: living in Disney World


Isaiah Canaan’s Simple Hesitation Move Nearly Puts Jarrett Jack On His Ass

Jarrett Jack isn't a good defender. We knew that even before Isaiah Canaan nearly put the Brooklyn Nets point guard on his ass with a simple hesitation move, but the video above just drives home that obvious point.


This Soaring Alley-Oop Jam By Anthony Davis Makes The Basket Seem Eight-Feet Tall

It's weird that no one at Barclays Center noticed the New Orleans Pelicans lowering their basket to eight feet at halftime. You'd at least think the Brooklyn Nets would realize it after Anthony Davis touched the sky on this alley-oop, right?


Brook Lopez Barely Gets Off The Ground For Two-Handed Dunk Past Anthony Davis

Brook Lopez isn't the most explosive big man, but there's something to be said for coordination and fluidity making up for a lack of leaping ability and quick-twitch athleticism. How many seven-foot, 275-pound centers can make this play, for instance?


Joga Bonito: Brook Lopez Flicks Perfect Header To Bojan Bogdanovic For Three-Pointer

The best athletes see plays happening before they materialize and act accordingly.

Markel Brown

Nets’ Markel Brown Initiates Lift-Off For Hammer Dunk Past Alex Len

The Brooklyn Nets are in the thick of a race for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, but it's still not exactly exciting. Even if Lionel Hollins' team manages to snag the eight seed, it's foregone conclusion that they'll get steamrolled in the first round by the Atlanta Hawks. That's not exactly fun for anybody in Brooklyn.

#Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry Hears MVP Chants In Brooklyn During Blistering Fourth Quarter

The crowd in Brooklyn last night watched in awe as Stephen Curry found his sweet spot and unleashed a full arsenal of offensive brilliance in the fourth quarter.

#Stephen Curry

Steph Curry’s Filthy Hesitation Crossover Fools Two Nets Defenders And Parts Lane For Layup


The comeback bid of Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors came up just short on Monday night following Jarrett Jack's game-winning pull-up, but was still hardly without its highlights. This one's our favorite.


Andrew Bogut Cuts Down The Lane For Soaring Power Dunk Past Mason Plumlee

It wasn't long ago that Andrew Bogut was one of the best two-way big men in basketball. But a nasty elbow injury and nagging knee problems have sapped the former number one overall pick of the skill and athleticism that made him such a rare force for the Milwaukee Bucks. Now entrenched Golden State Warriors' defensive anchor, Bogut mostly makes hay on that side of the ball while sprinkling in a dash of playmaking dynamism.


Watch Spry Dirk Nowitzki Sprint Floor In Transition And Throw Down (Somewhat) Powerful Dunk

This is the fastest we've seen Dirk Nowitzki run since 2010-2011. It's only right that the not so fleet-footed 37 year-old's obvious effort paid off with one of his most powerful dunks in years.

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