Bruce Campbell Starring In ‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’, First Season Already Ordered

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Bruce Campbell is starring in Sam Raimi's 'Ash Vs. Evil Dead' on Starz, and it's already straight-to-series. BOOM.


Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival Happens This Weekend And WWE’s Goldust Is In It

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The first Bruce Campbell's Horror Film Festival happens during Wizard World Chicago this weekend, features WWE's Goldust in MEET ME THERE.


Hail To The King, Baby: Bruce Campbell To Star In ‘Evil Dead’ TV Series, If It Happens

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When we covered the Screen Gems panel at Comic-Con, we let one tidbit slip, and yesterday Bruce Campbell added even more information.

#Fascinating Facts

Hail To The King: 6 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Bruce Campbell And ‘The Evil Dead’

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Here are some blood-soaked facts about Bruce Campbell's legendary role in the 'Evil Dead' franchise.


The 12 Highest Rated Horror Films On Netflix Streaming

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Sex-crazed teenagers beware, Netflix is full of chainsaw-wielding psychos with an unquenchable blood-lust.


Sam Raimi Will Be The Guy With The Camera On ‘Army Of Darkness 2′

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If 'Army of Darkness 2' happens, it looks like Sam Raimi will be directing it...


Bruce Campbell Says He’s Ready For ‘Army of Darkness 2′. Groovy.

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Bruce Campbell was asked at Wizard World Nashville Comic-Con if he'd make 'Army of Darkness 2'.


Here Are Some ‘Evil Dead’ GIFs To Swallow Your Soul

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Wrap up Friday with gore, chainsaws, and Bruce Campbell.


The Newest Red Band Clip From ‘Evil Dead’ Is Just A Wee Bit Gory

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'Evil Dead' opens today, so here are two safe-for-work videos and one extremely violent one, as well as new pictures if you needed more nightmare fuel.


Two Clips And A Teaser For ‘Evil Dead’ Just Made Our Monday Creepy

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If the red band trailer and teaser for Evil Dead weren't nightmare fuel enough, now we have two clips, the WonderCon teaser, and five pictures.


The New ‘Evil Dead’ Red Band Trailer Is Kind Of Violent

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We have a full-length red band trailer for 'Evil Dead' that is somehow even more violent than the teaser and Comic-Con footage were.


The Evil Dead Remake Casts Its Replacement For Ash

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Not that anybody could replace Bruce Campbell, of course, but someone will have to play the lead in the remake of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead since Campbell is only co-producing (with Raimi) and Alvarez (from the <a href="">Panic Attack!</a> short film) will be directing the remake, which is going to star Phil Collins' daughter Lily Collins as Mia, the replacement for Ashley J.


Diablo Cody Is Polishing The “Evil Dead” Remake Script, Homeskillet

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As reported a very good impersonation of him) confirmed the news on Twitter, <a href="">saying</a>, "Believe in the remake, dawg.


“Evil Dead” Getting a Remake?

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They've been talking about it for years, and now they're finally doing it: Sam Raimi is doing a prequel to "The Wizard of Oz".

viral video

Meanwhile, This Guy Was Really Angry

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While Vince was busy smashing Pajiba’s Texas Instruments graphing calculators, there was a viewing at Sundance for The Woman, a new film from director Lucky McKee, who does not, unfortunately, have a sister named Tits.


Bruce Campbell Officiates Zombie Wedding

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I imagine waking up in the morning as Bruce Campbell must be a pretty awesome experience.


‘Burn Notice’ Prequel Movie to Star Bruce Campbell

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The single biggest reason "Burn Notice" has been a success on USA is Bruce Campbell's awesomeness, so it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Campbell will star in a prequel for the cable channel, according to buzz from the USA series panel at Comic-Con.

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