Sports On TV: Family Matters’ 20 Greatest Sports Moments

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did I do that This week, With Leather's semi-weekly look at the best sports moments from not-sports television shows goes back to its 80s roots to chronicle the jet pack rope climbs, Bushwhacker tag team matches and Grandmama slam dunks of ABC's TGIF founding father 'Family Matters.


Morning Links: Kiss The Week Goodbye

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Sports Billy Hunter Says Kiss the 2011-2012 NBA Season Goodbye - To paraphrase one of our commenters, as a Dallas Mavericks fan I'm happy the team gets to be champions into perpetuity.

police academy

RIP, Hightower. Bubba Smith dead at 66.

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Bubba Smith, probably best known as Hightower in the Police Academy movies, died yesterday in his home at the age of 66.


Bubba Smith, 1945-2011: A Video Tribute

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Former NFL star and delightful comedic giant, Charles "Bubba" Smith was found dead in his Los Angeles home yesterday, apparently from natural causes.

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