Toro Y Moi

Toro Y Moi Keeps Dropping The Funky Hits With His Newest Single ‘Buffalo’

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Chaz drops another loosie off the upcoming 'What For?' LP. Listen to 'Buffalo' now.

Mr. Plow

Buffalo’s Mario Williams Helped Dig Bills Legend Jim Kelly Out Of That Massive Snowstorm


Mario Williams is Mr. Plow. That's his name, his name again is Mr. Plow.


Watch This Massive Wall Of Snow Swallow Buffalo, New York

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Buffalo residents have been hit by a wall of "lake-effect" snow from Lake Eerie which will possibly result in a "six footer".

the cheesecake factory

‘We’re So Cheesecake’ Is The Most Hilariously Terrible ‘Fancy’ Parody

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Some employees from The Cheesecake Factory in Buffalo teamed up to make YouTube's worst 'Fancy' parody.


What Joke Could Have Possibly Made This Weatherman Laugh So Hard?

By | 13 Comments

Buffalo weatherman Andy Parker couldn't keep it together during yesterday morning's forecast, as someone had him cracking up.

local news

Let’s Hope Greg Oden’s Half Brother Isn’t Completely Like Him


Joe Jones III is the son of a former college basketball player and half-brother of former NBA No.


Three Reasons Why Ohio University Football Should Not Be Ranked

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As I watch my alma mater, Ohio University, try to break into the college football rankings week after week this year, I feel that aggrieved pull of fandom for wanting them there.


Joey Chestnut Eats 8 Pounds Of Wings, Gloriously Uses Twitter For Poop Updates

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This video is nearly 17 minutes long and is incredibly boring -- at one point the cameraperson seems to forget they're taping a competition at all and just films peoples' shoulders -- but it's necessary to illustrate Joey Chestnut's remarkable win at the 2012 Buffalo Wing Festival, and punctuate what a gross f**king human being he is.

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