#Viral Videos

Watch These People Remove A Live Moth That Had Been Buried In This Guy’s Ear

By | 6 Comments

A nightmare is captured on video as this man's friends frantically attempt to remove a living moth from his ear.


Scientists Have Made A New Type Of Tofu Out Of Worms. Progress?

By | 14 Comments

Not a fan of tofu? This product from Cornell University graduate students isn't going to change that.

The Witcher 3

Thank You: The Latest ‘The Witcher 3′ Delay Is Entirely Due To Polishing And Bug Fixing

By | 2 Comments

The team behind 'The Witcher 3' continue to take a refreshingly sensible approach to game development.


Watch This British Reporter Nearly Gag As He Swallows A Fly During A Live Segment


Adam Boulton of Sky News accidentally swallowed a fly during a live report, but managed to keep it together like a gentleman.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

A Huge Insect Landed On Colombia’s James Rodriguez When He Scored Against Brazil

By | 4 Comments

Look at the size of this gigantic bug that landed on Colombia's James Rodriguez after he scored against Brazil.


iOS Still Can't Figure Out Daylight Savings Time

By | 13 Comments

iOS runs a powerful computer in your pocket... and for seven years, like clockwork, it's gotten Daylight Savings Time wrong.

#video games

‘Call Of Duty: Ghosts’ Has Some Multiplayer Map Problems

By | 16 Comments

'Call of Duty: Ghosts' has a few...oddities in its spawning system.


GIF Reactions To Horrible News: The Winner Of A Bug-Eating Contest Dies

By | 12 Comments

Florida resident Edward Archbald collapsed shortly after winning a python in a bug-eating contest. This is tragic, and we deal with it by looking at GIFS.


Gorillas Entertained by Caterpillar


Gorillas at the Calgary Zoo take an interest in a caterpillar making its way across a door in their enclosure.




Lorenzo has created a gun that eradicates bugs safely and easily by shooting table salt.


Mike Libby’s Bizarre Mechanical Insects


Mike Libby wants to explore the overlapping realm of science and sci-fi and his methodology is mechanical bugs.


Scientists Create Virtual Cockroaches, Because They Can

By | 2 Comments

If there's one thing all human beings hate, it's cockroaches, because they're disgusting little creatures who are nonetheless highly entertaining when somebody else is subjected to them.

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