In Today’s Strange News: A Turquoise Colored Cat Is Roaming The Streets Of Bulgaria

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Residents in Varna, Bulgaria are on the lookout for an elusive street cat who's somehow managed to turn himself green.


Watch A Bulgarian Politician Escape An Assassination Attempt On Live TV

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Ahmed Dogan, the leader of Bulgaria's Movement for Rights and Freedoms, escaped an assassination attempt on live TV earlier today.


NFL Fans, It Could Be Worse: You Could Be Bulgarian Soccer Fans

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As NFL fans pout like six-year-old b*tches about officiating (AAAARGGGGHHH.


Ohhh My Goddddd

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Wait, don't click that yet.


Bulgarian dude arrested on bus with a suitcase full of crocodiles & komodo dragons

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No, this isn't movie related, at least not yet, but this is my solemn oath to you: any time a man gets arrested with a suitcase full of crocodiles, I will be writing about it.


Expendables 2 is scaring off all of Bulgaria’s endangered bats

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With one stunt performer already dead after a mishap with a planned explosion last month, producers of The Expendables 2 are in hot water again after a contracting crew hired by the production got fined by the Bulgarian EPA for disturbing a batcave.


‘Banksy of Bulgaria’ Turns Soviet Statues Into American Icons

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This Soviet monument in Sofia, Bulgaria, was painted by an anonymous artist Daily Mail says is nicknamed "The Banksy of Bulgaria" (but since Daily Mail is saying it, she could also be nicknamed The Bulgarian Hammer, The Lone Tambourine In The Wilderness, or Susan, and they'd still say she's nicknamed after Banksy).


Bulgarian Role Models

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It's important and interesting that two ridiculously oil-rich countries (Russia and Qatar) get awarded the World Cup and then it emerges that the FIFA judges who dole out such cherries are corrupt as f**k.

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