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Here’s The Story Of A Ballsy Chicago Man Who Saved His Jeep (& Bulldog) From A Stubborn Tow Truck Driver


A Chicago Man Who Rescued His Jeep (And Bulldog) From A Tow Truck Driver Speaks Out About His Adventure


ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit Shared A Sensual Moment With The Yale Bulldog

Kirk Herbstreit got some big, wet, sloppy kisses from the Yale bulldog and here is that important moment.


A Definitive Ranking Of The Most Adorable Photos From The 138th Annual Westminster Dog Show


While the Best in Show is still coming up, here is a ranking of the most adorable photos taken at the 138th Westminster Dog Show.


Bulldog Puppy vs. Watermelon

Gus the 11-month-old bulldog devours a tasty watermelon.


Butler Blue II Goes To Heaven, Tweets About It, Breaks Every Living Person’s Heart


Butler Blue II, living mascot of the Butler Bulldogs, passed away on Tuesday. It's even sadder than it sounds.


Butler Bulldog's Training Montage

Butler University officially joined the Big East Conference this week, and no one prepared harder for the move than the school's mascot, Trip.


Lions and Tigers and… Bulldogs?

Two-year-old English bulldog Hugo is raising a lion and tiger as his own pups.


Dueling Bulldog Snores

Can you imagine trying to sleep with this next to you (or anywhere in the house, for that matter).


Bulldog’s Impressive Balloon Volley

The most adorable video of a bulldog playing with a balloon you'll see all day.


Bulldog vs. Leaf Blower

A bulldog does lip-flapping battle with a leaf-blowing foe.

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With Leather's Watch This: This Meeting Of The Bulldogs Mascots Seems Very Important


Sometimes things happen and I simply don’t need an explanation.


Sleeping Bulldog vs. Cheese Puff

When a tired bulldog wakes up to a snack on his nose, the unexpected happens.


Bulldog Plays on Trampoline

Mudd the bulldog shows off some nimble moves on the family trampoline.


Bulldog Chases Licorice on a Stick

According to his owners, this is "the only way we can keep Jackson awake.


Bulldog Snow Train

A group of bulldogs try to find their way home in history's most adorable recording of anyone or anything trudging through the snow.

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Another ‘Call Me Maybe’ Parody, This Time Dealing with TDKR (Morning Links)


[via Topless Robot] MORNING LINKS Methed-up gas huffer calling herself The Karate Kid tries to bite police |Film Drunk| Did you know Phyllis Diller made her stand-up debut at The Purple Onion.


The Best Of The 2012 Drake University Beautiful Bulldog Contest


Tomorrow marks the beginning of the 103rd annual Drake Relays at Drake University, at which more than 8,000 athletes and spectators will gather to participate in the record 120 events at this year’s competition.

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