burning man

Aside From Drugs, Sand, And Sex, This Year’s Burning Man Will Feature A 747

This year's festival on the playa will include a 300-seat venue made from an old Boeing 747. Let's start placing bets on how long it lasts.


Will Smith May Have Danced On A Segway Wearing A Gas Mask At Burning Man

We can 't say for sure, but we're almost POSITIVE this video is of Will Smith dancing on a segway at Burning Man.

silicon valley

Elon Musk Is Super Pissed About ‘Silicon Valley’ Because Mike Judge Has Never Been To Burning Man


Elon Musk saw the premiere of "Silicon Valley" and he is super pissed about it for a hilarious reason.


Watch As Rosario Dawson’s Vagina Project From Burning Man Mesmerizes Andy And Conan

Rosario Dawson details her brain wrinkling vagina project from Burning Man on 'Conan.'

rubik's cube

26-Foot-Tall Rubik’s Cube Is Burning Man Tested, Seattle Approved

I suppose after you build yourself a giant 26-foot-tall functioning Rubik's cube at Burning Man, there's only one thing left to do: take that show to Seattle's Pacific Science Center.


Giant Dalek To Off Hippies At Burning Man?

Yep, that's a giant controllable Dalek.

no his name isn't Joseph

LED TV Coat? LED TV Coat

Yes, to your right, you are in fact seeing a man wearing a coat that plays back Simpsons episodes.

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