Frotcast 183: Shia LaBeouf, Worst of ’13, and The Most Australian Clip Ever

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Matt Lieb, Vince, Burnsy, and Bret talk Shia Labeouf, the Worst of 2013, AND, the most Australian television clip of all time. Enjoy.


Exclusive Storyboard from GI Joe 2 Reshoots

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I don't know how he does it, but it seems like every time I report on something Channing Tatum-related, our own Burnsy has the inside source.


Frotcast 92: HOTT GOSS, Stand Up with Joe King & Pauly, The Ultimate Manswer

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Listen on the player above, or Pretty straightforward 'cast for you guys this week, just a little HOTT GOSS™ with Ashley Burns, running down the latest in fake celebrity gossip, plus a little stand-up from Pauly Casillas/Dangerously and Joe King (I'll include mine next week), and general movie talk (Michael Bay/TMNT gate, John Carter, etc.


Japan’s Red Riding Hood has Nudity, Werewolf Rape

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If you watched Amanda Seyfried in 2011’s Red Riding Hood, thinking, “Eh, this is OK, but I could use more violent girls flashing their boobs and werewolves acting all rapey” then you’re in luck, because Japan already heard you loud and clear.


The 10 Cheesiest Movie Moments of 2011

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Cheesy movie moments, every year has them.

unnecessary sequels

Even Melissa McCarthy Thinks ‘Bridesmaids 2′ Is A Terrible Idea

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Last week, Vincent brought us the news that Universal really loves money and hates leaving well enough alone, so studio executives decided that it’s time for a Bridesmaids sequel.


Radio-Free FilmDrunk: Celebrating Hollywood’s Love Affair With The Cold War

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The other day Vince and I were making S’mores and chatting about life, when he pointed out that 2011 was the 20th anniversary of the end of the Cold War, that era in world history when everyone lived in pants-crapping fear that the U.

Michael Bay

Michael Bay Auditions a New Ferrari Washer: A Story in Pictures

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The gossip sites have been going bonkers today over the news that our favorite slow motion, up-shot shirtless hero director Michael Bay has a new lady in his life.

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