‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ And Turd Ferguson Made A Glorious Return On #SNL40

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Sean Connery and Turd Ferguson showed up at the 'Saturday Night Live' anniversary special to terrorize poor Alex Trebek.


Celebrate Burt Reynolds’ 79th Birthday With This Manly Ranking Of His Mustaches

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To celebrate Burt Reynolds' 79th birthday, we take a look back at the many awesome mustaches that he rocked in his beloved films.


SAD NEWS: Burt Reynolds Is Bankrupt And Auctioning Off All Of His Stuff

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Burt Reynolds is selling over 600 items, including the Golden Globe he won for Boogie Nights, to deal with major financial problems.


How To Make The Perfect Action Franchise — ‘The Expendables’ — Even More Perfect

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Now that 'The Expendables 3' is hitting theaters, we can focus on 'The Expendables 4' by creating a dream cast and an awesome action story.

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Celebrate Alex Trebek’s Birthday With The Worst Impressions From SNL’s ‘Jeopardy!’

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For Alex Trebek's birthday, let's remember the worst impressions from SNL's 'Celebrity Jeopardy!' that we still love anyway.

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Former-Stripper Trisha Paytas Wants Burt Reynolds To Take Her Born-Again Virginity

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YouTube star Trisha Paytas wants Burt Reynolds to "deflower" her, even though she's not a virgin.

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Former ‘Dick Cavett Show’ Writer Says She Boned Many Of The Guests, Details Burt Reynolds Toupee Map

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Sandra Harmon used her position as a writer on The Dick Cavett Show to conquer some of the biggest celebs of the 60s. Her Burt Reynolds story is epic.


UPROXX ‘Archer’ Live Blog: ‘The Man From Jupiter’

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Today's installment of UPROXX Archer Week also doubles as an intro to our new weekly recurring segment where we all come together and celebrate the best animated comedy television has to offer.

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Saints Row The Third Has Awesome Weapons, Burt Reynolds


THQ released the "Pimps and Gimps" trailer for Saints Row the Third, and it is wonderfully insane.


Burt Reynolds to Guest Star on ‘Archer’!

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"Archer" has a running gag about the super spy's love for his "spirit guide," Burt Reynolds.


Burt Reynolds fan letters are terrifying

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I always found Burt Reynolds to be a fascinating time capsule of attributes people once found attractive.



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This is the new trailer for Deal (video after the jump, courtesy of CinemaBlend).

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